Ferry Timeline

Someone claims I’m a liar because I screwed up the time of the ferry I was on.

Here’s my first tweet about it, when I got home:

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Ten hours earlier is near 10:30AM.

Here is the first published account that substantiates the “Brake! Brake! Brake!” in my account, which was published first:

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He says it came over the intercom. No, it was the ferry officer in white shirt. There’s another account stating the intercom said “Red! Red! Red!”

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That I can’t say because it all happened so damned fast and any “Red!” would have happened after the “Brake!” and like a second before impact.

And since this damned template does not feature timestamps, I had to go to the Edit Console to call that up:

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At this point, it’s up to you to believe me or not, based on the simple fact I screwed up my times (which is not the first time that has happened). I have zero reason to lie about this or anything else I write about.

I will say now that I wish to hell I’d asked the woman taking pictures with her iPhone to email some to me!

Trust me, I didn’t need the damned press bothering today — none of which I linked to here, because the focus isn’t me, but the crash and the injured.

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