Archos 7 Home Tablet: Updated Information

SECOND UPDATE: See past crossed-out text!

UPDATE: Archos expert Charbax is insisting in a Comment at the below linked post that the Archos 7 Home Tablet can indeed handle the same codecs as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. After doing this post, I looked at this a bit more closely and Archos is using the same icon for Video on both the 7 and the 5, which makes me wonder if it’s the same video player in both. I have emailed Archos US PR, but have not heard back.

Archos 7 Home Tablet hands-on

… the Archos 7 Home Tablet is the first Android-based tablet on the market with a 7-inch screen. It’s also the first time Archos has released a media tablet like this that runs 100 percent Android (version 1.5) with no intervening software for handling multimedia playback or to assist with e-mail.

Let me cut to the chase here.

That means it will not have the Archos video software available on the current Archos 5 Internet Tablet.

This means the 7HT will not be able to play DiVX/XViD AVI video.

One-hundred percent Android restricts video to 3GP and MP4.

This is a major, massive FAIL by Archos.

I was going to buy one of these for all the AVI video I have. The screen would seem like IMAX to me, compared to my current LifeDrive screen.

And US$199.00 was a great price for that.

But without that AVI capability, this tablet is now worth US$0.00 to me.

It’s incredible, that CNet got this so very wrong!

Joanna Stern volunteered to play an XViD AVI clip I grabbed off the Net and emailed to her. It worked!

Photo proof:

Joanna cautions that we should all wait for her review before ordering it, however! Once that review is up, I will link to it both here and in a new post.

For the time being, getting such critical information wrong is simply inexcusable. I don’t know if CNet was sloppy or if Archos failed to communicate the full video capabilities of this tablet. It’s significant that it can do the same video formats as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet — because that playback software is exclusive to Archos.

For more upcoming information, see Best Tablet Review and an upcoming review by Joanna Stern at Engadget.

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