It Takes An Outsider To Grok The iPad

Jerry Del Colliano’s Inside Music Media blog is something I tripped across just last week and immediately put it in my daily reading list.

What’s odd is that I don’t have a deep interest in either music or much of music radio, but both he and Bob Lefsetz have a depth of understanding things that’s totally lacking in tech writing. It must be due to the fact both come from emotional businesses, not scientific ones.

And today Jerry published this: What My iPad Is Teaching Me. This post is excellent in so many ways — and should be read thoroughly! — but what’s important to me is that here is a radio guy who immediately saw something everyone else in tech has been missing:

Using the iPad tells me that web designers and content creators are going to have to do more than just customizing apps to run their sites and programs.

The iPad is a different mindset.

So different in fact, I am changing the redesign of my website that is due to become a paid site this summer in ways I could not have previously predicted.

For example, had I not spent time with the iPad, I would have been inclined to build a real nice looking website for – slick and colorful, easy to read and attractive.

But …

But I contacted the designer and said, “we have to build this site optimized for the iPad – more visual, more intuitive, less cluttered, with the ten-inch screen in mind”.

Emphasis in the original.


I hit a lot of design blogs in the course of doing my iPad Links posts. It was a conscious decision for me to seek them out because I could see how the iPad would change things and knew designers would have to rethink everything.

So far that rethinking has not been happening at all.

The only thing to acknowledge the upcoming — and inevitable — revolution was a weak article I linked to yesterday: Redesigning the Web for Touch Screens.

There’s been absolutely nothing on the scale of Craig Mod’s two posts about digital books (here and here).

Yet here’s a radio guy, Jerry Del Colliano, and he immediately grokked that.

While everyone in tech is still wasting time whining about Flash, here’s a guy outside of tech who wants to get things done.

Maybe it’s time for us to ignore the tech people — and get things done.

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3 responses to “It Takes An Outsider To Grok The iPad

  1. Another great post. Thanks, Mike!

  2. Well, I wouldn’t get too carried away Mike – nor Bob Lefsetz. As you will know, my uncle was in the intelligence services and had access to technology from crashed saucers. One was a time machine. He used it…

    All I can say, on good authority, is… post 2012 there are NO iPads…. there is NO internet (not as we know it, but there is an organic etheric system far superior to what we know now).

    Just a word to the wise ;-)

  3. Is there a “Save Us from 2012” spell?