Something Like Early TV?

Update, see bottom.

Requires using Chrome or Safari:

CSS3 recreation of the intro to the 1967 Spiderman Show

Interesting but it played lousy for me, such as:

Green WTF? highlighting added by me.

Try it on your iPad and report in Comments.

Pure CSS3 Spiderman Cartoon w/ jQuery and HTML5 – Look Ma, No Flash!


And it does not work on the iPad. Thanks to @doctorlaura for the screensnap:

Click = big

5 responses to “Something Like Early TV?

  1. Went to it on my iPad and tried it and it crashed the browser first time. After that all I got was a white line. Very disappointing.

  2. Works on my Droid. One point for Andy.

  3. I hadn’t even considered Android! Now I have to ask someone to try it on the Archos 5 IT!

  4. Here’s a screensnap from my iPad:

  5. Ouch!! That is really bad! Thanks.