The Financial Sociopaths Declare War On Us

A Disgusting Little Email Making the Rounds on Wall Street

We aren’t dinosaurs. We are smarter and more vicious than that, and we are going to survive.

Let me tell you something, you sick, greedy fuck.

We outnumber you.

And we’ve suffered because of you.

And we don’t forget.

So heed this line from Action in the North Atlantic. It’s delivered by Raymond Massey, who played a Merchant Marine captain, and is defiantly shouted to the smug, laughing Nazis who sunk his ship and left him and his men to die:

You’ve screwed the entire world.

Where do you think you can run and hide?

You’ve already lost this war.

Pray that we have any mercy left in us.


Goldman’s Rules of Acquisition

2 responses to “The Financial Sociopaths Declare War On Us

  1. A commenter at Calculated Risk the other day said, “What a tragic time we live in, and still the guillotine baskets go unfilled.” Interesting, because I have a gut understanding of the French Revolution now that I never had before.

  2. I think this is worse than the French Revolution. And France once had a similar financial scandal.