iPad Critics: You’re Killing Only Yourselves

A Commenter reminded me of the Plan B tactic the haters use when they want to denigrate a success by Apple:

*Cue the “we’ll see once the initial excitement wears off-it’s a marathon not a sprint” comments that we saw when the iPhone sold its first million*

That reminded me of an infamous statement made by one envy-crazed hater that I wound up highlighting in a prior blog’s post:

Apple Sells 10M iPhones. Psychopath Increases Meds.

Fact is, there are a whole big bunch of iPhones sitting in inventory, on AT&T’s shelves, and elsewhere. Sales have slowed considerably, and they aren’t picking up again, even with price cuts and memory expansions. It looks very much like those first weeks (mostly media-fanned: very few people who stood in lines waiting for days to ensure that they’d get an iPhone actually needed to, they were never in particularly short supply) pretty much saturated the market for nice-looking phones that do very little at an extremely high price point. There’s a surprise.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

See, the success of a technology they could have never thought of, never developed, and that acts as a reproach to their failed efforts or failed advocacy is due to:

1) Initial sales to brainwashed fanboys
2) Sales to a gullible bandwagon-jumping me-too public
3) Overwhelming superiority in mass-market ad hype brainwashing

See, it’s all just a trick! If they knew “the secret,” why they could do it too!

Having a great product that does things simply and well never figures into their thoughts. Because that’s not something they themselves are ever capable of creating. They create dog food and have enough contempt for the general public that they expect them — us — to gobble up that shit.

Your failure really comes down to one thing: What you create isn’t good enough.

6 responses to “iPad Critics: You’re Killing Only Yourselves

  1. “Your failure really comes down to one thing: What you create isn’t good enough.”

    In this realm, when discussing Apple vs. everyone else, sadly, it is true. I say sadly because Apple’s competitors just don’t get it, even after the iPod, iPhone and now the iPad. The have a jealous rage that dismisses Apple’s profits and success, and when that door closes they have to lambast Apple’s customers. How low can they go? They actually want to dismiss potential customers?

    It’s been three years now since the iPhone. No one is close. And when I say close, I mean numbers and profitability. No one. They come out with a great device (they think) to much marketing and hoopla, and ten months later they have to re-write the playbook with a completely different device. Money and time and energy lost.

    See, that’s where Apple has staying power. The iPhone has seen three iterations now and it’s the same form factor. When you really sweat the details like Apple does you don’t have to reinvent a device every six to 12 months. No one else does that. And that’s why the competition can’t win. They don’t have the energy, design prowess, software skills, ecosystem (iTunes) nor the drive to turn things around.

    Kudos to Apple. What they do is incredible. Simply incredible.

  2. Viswakarma

    Well said!!!

  3. Even if all buyers of Apple products were brainwashed, 100+ MILLION devices is pretty effective but yea, they are idiots. There are only a handful of CE devices that have EVER sold 100 million and in 2 years, Apple will along with Sony (walkman, PS1) to have done that and within 4 years, the ipad will join the ipod & iphone …

  4. iphonerulez

    Even now the skeptics are saying that Apple is creating false iPad demand and are merely stockpiling iPads to create more hype. They are also saying that iPad sales have absolutely no long-term sustainability and that iPad sales will fizzle in about six months. So no matter how many iPads are sold the skeptics say it will not last because there aren’t enough fanboys to keep buying it. This goes into the face of consumers that are buying iPads that are intimidated by regular computers or haven’t even used computers before.

    The iHaters are certain that the iPad is ruining the computer industry by being too simplified a device and secondly it was practically conceived by Steve Jobs whose only goal is to make mankind pay through the nose for poorly-performing, overpriced Apple products. Basically it is claimed that the iPad is lacking all the necessary hardware features that would turn it into a “real” computer that can do “real” work.

    When a skeptic is blinded by hate and fear, I don’t believe they’ll ever be able to see again.

  5. Start making things for the iPad because this wave is going to be big and those who refuse to face it will be cut to pieces.
    By the way I could use your vote.

  6. And this is just the beginning … the more successful Apple becomes the louder the detractors will bray.