It’s iPad 3G Day And I Got … Kittens!

I was going to put this in today’s Links post but people keep freakin asking me on Twitter.

No. I don’t have an iPad 3G yet.

What I have instead are three newborn kittens dropped on me.

The mother cat is less than a year old and the father of the kittens is her father too.

Things like this usually do not end well.

So, my iPad 3G is delayed until Kitten Watch is over, one way or the other.

Tech can wait. Tech doesn’t die. Kittens can.

Besides, as I type this post, the frikkin iPad 3G hasn’t even gone on sale yet at the Apple Store. That begins at 5PM EST.

7 responses to “It’s iPad 3G Day And I Got … Kittens!

  1. barbara (kitten)

    hope the kittens brighten your day!

  2. More life brought into this world? No. Nothing but worry.

  3. andrew Meit

    Bless you! Um, pics of the furry few coming?

  4. How can anyone accuse you of being an “embittered crank” after a post like that?

  5. Not until I’m certain none of them will die or which ones are the survivors. I don’t want pictures of future corpses in my possession or on this blog.

  6. andrew Meit

    Understood. Watch well.

  7. barbara (kitten)

    the kitties are so cute. Kittens are almost as good as chocolate for improving one’s mood.