iPad Links: Friday, April 30, 2010

My iPad will be delayed. I have had newborn kittens dropped on me. Tech doesn’t die. Kittens can. Tech can wait.

1: Defend Your Research: Powerful People Are Better Liars
2: Power and Moral Hypocrisy
Costly IRS Mandate Slipped into Health Bill

Q&A: HP’s strategy chief on the Palm acquisition
The Real Story Behind Adobe’s Failed Mobile Strategy
Adobe CEO, Ex-Adobe Engineers Weigh In on Jobs’ Flash Attack
Open Letter to Steve Jobs
My Android Experience by the Numbers
Thinking Big About Small Business
Using social media: Hackers penetrate mid-level bank IT network

1: ‘99ers’ dread future without jobless benefits
2: Gambling with Other People’s Money
3: Laid Off – A Reader’s Story
4: Under Water
5: Dana From Decatur. “I Got 99 Problems, But Your Paper Ain’t One.”

I can’t seem to master the whole “lack of knowledge + apathy = entitled brat” equation

Communal computing
Stross sees: The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash
iPad Wallpapers Thread
The iPad and the Future of Text
Why the iPad is not for web browsing (yet)

UI/Web Design:
When can I use…
The web sucks. Browsers need to innovate
Open is not enough. Time to raise the bar: Interoperable
Rise and fall of a UI convention: The search bubble
TouchScroll, a scrolling layer for WebKit mobile
HTML5 Extensibility
What’s Wrong With CSS

The Tablet and reading the future
In L.A, New Media Meets Publishing
Pick this Nit: Null Path URIs and the Pedantic Web
How The North Face Became The North Farce
Fake Steve in top form: That’s right, Michael Wolff, I run the bookstore. I’m also now your editor. In fact, I’m the editor of the entire world!

A non-website: Jeffrey Lewis
An ISBN That Could Hurt
Authors Unbound Online
George Bernard Shaw’s Shackitecture
The Readers Project
Ebert: Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)

I have the sense that younger Hollywood is losing the instinctive feeling for story and quality that generations of executives possessed. It’s all about the marketing.

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