hp Acquiring Palm: The Picture Version

I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary that entirely misses the point of hp acquiring Palm, so I hope this post will make everything clear for everybody.

Alphabet City, originally uploaded by antecanis.

That is the building hp used to live in. Windows and Android were the landlords. They didn’t care who they rented to and they didn’t care whether their renters liked what they provided, either.

When hp acquired Palm, it moved to something like this:

It’s not yet a sprawling mansion, but hp now owns it. It doesn’t have to adhere to any stinking rules by any stinking landlord. It can change things however it wants to suit its needs and doesn’t have to wait for any stinking landlord to make any improvements — it can do them whenever it wants! And it doesn’t have to pay rent to anybody!

Everyone else living in that Windows/Android slum — good luck getting anywhere with those two landlords!

hp has moved into Apple’s neighborhood.

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