Will hp Now Delay The Slate?

Yes, I think so.

hp has to realize that Windows 7 isn’t going to provide them any lasting presence in the tablet market, so why continue that investment?

There’s been no official release date and the page for the Slate is still nothing but an email form.

There would be no shame in hp doing this. It set a precedent in changing things around when it dumped the underpowered VIA chip for the Atom in its netbooks.

I also have to think that webOS would allow hp to retool the design, getting rid of any hard drive and replacing it with flash storage, reducing its weight. They could probably retool it altogether and make it look less like an iPad.

What is going to be very interesting is that a webOS tablet could address the perceived shortcomings of the iPad. The big ones being the lack of an SD slot and a USB port to connect directly to devices such as cameras (still/video).

It’s my personal hope that hp will adhere to our freedom of expression — unlike Apple — when it comes to publications. They can do what Apple cannot do: permit purchasing and installation from outside the current Palm App Catalog. hp should stay out of policing content. This would provide an additional competitive edge against the iPad. That would please publishers and writers very, very much.

4 responses to “Will hp Now Delay The Slate?

  1. In order to stay out of policing content, HP will have to stay out of offering content.

    If you offer the content you are linking your brand to that content in some way, which is probably the big issue for Apple.

  2. I stopped paying close attention to webOS a while ago, but I do recall Palm did at one point state that devs could sell their wares outside of the App Catalog.

    Yeah, here it is:

    Palm Announces New ‘No Review’ App Distribution Options

    So yeah, if webOS can be used to develop an ePub reading app or a digital book app, it’s good to go for books in a way that the Apple App Store and iBookstore are not.

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