ePub Books On webOS

Oh, this is totally off-topic. But my allegiance is not to Apple. It’s to writers (see this post).

Ibis Reader enables non-DRMed ePub eBooks to be read on any device that has a web browser.

After the break, see what it looks like running on my crap PC using a version of Firefox 2.x and then on webOS.

Click = big

I would not have chosen to display poetry as an example, but a kind soul on Twitter — Matt Hollowell — responded to my wondering about Ibis Reader on webOS and he happened to choose Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

Here it is via webOS on a Palm Pre:

I’ve been meaning to do a proper post about the importance of Ibis Reader, but I think this can do. Just consider the latest move by Apple against satirical content — and then consider that not only does Ibis Reader exist to allow ePubs Apple would reject, but Palm also permits apps to be sold outside of its official App Catalog.

Any company — Apple included — that tries to grab everything has the entire Internet to contend with. And despite how convenient the iPad can make the Internet, the Internet itself will persist and outlast any device or any approval schemes devised by any company.

Ibis Reader is a block against corporate bluenoses and would-be tastemakers.

Try it on your iPad right now. And bookmark it!

4 responses to “ePub Books On webOS

  1. I don’t really see what the big fuss is about Apple and content. While Apple does restrict you to getting applications through their store, they do no restrict you from getting your books elsewhere.

    You install another reader (of which there are plenty for iPhone) and then get your content from somewhere else. You can get a lot more content right now if you just use Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone instead of iBooks.

    For me as a reader (and even as a Writer), as long as Apple does not block other Reader applications from their devices they can pick and choose what they to sell on their store to their heart’s desire.

  2. The others step on writers too. Just want to make sure there’s an outlet that doesn’t require The Man — ANY Man.

  3. That was the case with Stanza. I was very sad when I learned that Amazon had acquired the company that makes it.

  4. barbara (kitten)

    still don’t have (or want) an iPad, but thanks for posting about the IBIS (not that I have any shortage of reading material but it’s good to see another source.