Congratulations, Palm! Good Luck To HP!

Wow. I decided to play hooky from tech today — looking at some more bad comic books — and happened to peek into my Twitterstream to the astounding news of hp buying Palm.

This is a perfect match!

hp has a long history of being in the handheld and portable space, beginning from the time of calculators.

But what’s significant here is that hp created cult followings for its 95LX handheld computer, its OmniBook series, and purchased Compaq and inherited the iPaq cult. hp also created a cult following for its netbook entries, bringing something new to the segment that was pioneered by Asus.

So hp is no stranger to building products that create rabid and devoted fanbases. This is precisely what Palm needs — that know-how, that marketing, and, more than anything else, those engineering resources that rival Apple’s.

webOS now has a future — and it won’t be on cheap fall-apart devices. They’ll be swank and classy and, like hp’s netbooks, bring something new to the field.

And this has to say something about the viability of Android too. hp was planning at least one Android tablet. Attempting that must have taught them something. And that lesson caused them to acquire Palm.

Asus, you just lost big time! And Nokia, your death spiral is now unstoppable.

My only question is this: How soon can hp rip Windows 7 out of the Slate and replace it with webOS?

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One response to “Congratulations, Palm! Good Luck To HP!

  1. Palm was really good back in the old times. I hope it will come something good from this alliance. And Nokia is goin to die i totally agree :D