iPad Links: Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This one is so big, I must hide it behind a break.

The Demise of American Exceptionalism

Dollar Uber Alles: How Ayn Rand caused the Global Financial Crisis

The History of Libraries Through the Ages

The Greatest Post You Will Ever Read: Homicidal Cactus Fodder

400 million should! How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account
Facebook is a Ponzi Scheme

Don’t believe the hype on GM’s loan repayment
The Startup Racket
Wikibollocks: The Shirky Rules

When Free Costs A Fortune
1982: Living With a Computer – James Fallows

Mobile Blogger “Boy Genius” Unmasked, Acquired
I Paid for Microsoft’s Mistake
Verizon gets real here: Redefining “Security Researcher”
Bizarre matter could find use in quantum computers
The complexity of cancer: A science-based view
On Geeks and Gays
Lookism, Vapid Faces: Why Your Looks Will Matter More, Thanks to the Internet
Introverts Make Better Networkers

Life in the Wires: The CTheory Reader
Web Site Aims for Searchable Index of Open Courseware

Apple’s Media Ambitions
Apple Hires IGN Editor As App Store Game Editorial Chief
Fanboy Builds Miniature Apple Store Diorama in Shoebox
What if I had bought Apple stock instead?

New Malware Attack Targets iPad Users
Three Weeks of iPad
Owner Post: Archos 5 Vs iPad in Productivity Scenarios.
Why tech specs are going to be meaningless in the age of the iPad
The iPad as story boutique plus other New York City musings
iPad Adventures in TwitterLand
Designing an IPA keyboard for the iPad
iPad Tutorial: How to read your old (non-ePub) ebooks using iBooks
Film podcast: Daily Plastic
Niche books next? Apple Rejects Michael Wolff’s iPhone App — Because He Criticizes Steve Jobs?

UI/Web Design:
Funny, after yesterday’s post: How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer
The Differences Between Good Designers and Great Designers
Your Blog Is Blinding Me
A Recipe for Motivation: Easy to Read, Easy to Do
WOW! William Cameron Menzies: One Forceful, Impressive Idea
Coraline, cornered
Visual Quotation of The Lost World in UP
Attachment to Physical Media
Wallpapers For Designers
Algorithmic Movie (with texture)
25 Comic Fonts and Cartoon Fonts For Cool Appearance – Part 1
CSS Animation Demo
12 Excellent CSS3 Button and Menu Techniques
Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
CSS3 Action Framework
The Wood Age
iPad wireframe templates
HTML5 video Libraries, Toolkits and Players

Commodity Radio Kills Off Joey Reynolds
Get those rights reverted, agents! Phoenix Books Closes
No: Is “Good Enough” Good Enough for Publishers?
The End of Books? (For Me, At Least?)
Bubblegum Cards
Don’t shrink my music, just make it invisible
The Genius of the System
Debating Roger Ebert on Video Games
Institutionalizing Transmedia
Twopointopians Tweet While Libraries Burn
Electrons never so rare: Treasure Discovered at Rare Book Round-Up
Stephen Ambrose, Liar: Channelling Ike
Surprise: A gatekeeper claims to be indispensable
A Videogame Canon
Art Appreciation & Gaming?
Graphic Novel Review
Golden Age Comic Book Stories
This was once the Internet for comic books: RBCC
Phil Seuling’s Annual July 4th Comic Con

Meda: a tale of the future. As related by Kenneth Folingsby (1891)
Webcomic: A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge
Electronic annotated edition of the French philosophical journal Les Cahiers pour l’Analyse.
R.I.P.: British author Alan Sillitoe dies aged 82
1: The Writer’s Tale
2: The Writer’s Tale: website
Blogging Sucks For Search And For Links
Amateurs, Part 2
YouTube: Inside the Writers’ Studio episode 4.5: I. Am. Writer.
The Subconscious Writer
8 Effective Writing Approaches in Atlas Shrugged
1: The Art of Visual Storytelling
2: Visual Storytelling, Part II
The Completely Visual Screenplay
Write the Shots!
1: Examples of Cinematic Storytelling
2: More Cinematic Storytelling!
“Oh, honey”
1: Carnacki
2: The Carnacki Cinematograph
3: Carnacki The Ghost-Finder
Derivative By Any Other Name; or, A Cultural Approach to Fan Fiction Genre Theory
Amazon Wins Keyword Advertising Suit–Video Professor v. Amazon

Amazon doesn’t win this case on First Sale grounds (although it should have). Instead, Video Professor was an Amazon vendor for a while, and Amazon makes vendors enter into a “Vendor Manual” that contains a perpetual trademark license. Therefore, Amazon successfully defended its keyword purchases as being authorized by this perpetual trademark license. Summary judgment for Amazon. This is a neat legal trick by Amazon and almost assuredly a boilerplate “gotcha” for most Amazon vendors, who probably didn’t fully understand the implications of the boilerplate language.

You sick fucks! Kitten crushing and the Supreme Court: How we got here
Previously here: Steve Jobs: Keep Saying No!


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