iPad Links: Friday, April 23, 2010

I didn’t hit all the usual sites. But I hit a lot of writer sites, so this one is more publishing-centric than usual.

Dirty Little Secrets Exposed- Veggie Burgers Made With Gasoline By-product
New Deadly Fungus Found in U.S., Has Already Killed Six

How to reclaim your privacy by disabling Facebook’s “Open Graph”
Overpriced by twice! ASUS EeeKeyboard

Aladdin Sane Called. He Wants His Lightning Bolt Back: On Lady Gaga
Longer than corporations and banks! How long should we help the unemployed?
Jeff Beck At The Grammy Museum
Seven Weird Habits That Will Change Your Life
Putting Things in Perspective

GoodReader: iPad App Maker Makes $70,000 In 20 Days
Re-inventing the iPad
1: Publiyou: Publishing for the iPad as simple as 1-2-3
2: Publiyou
iPad Clock app rejected: Apple won’t give you the time of day

UI/Web Design:
beautiful sunset wallpaper using only CSS3

Artists Ebooks’ and (what is wrong with) ePubs
The National Data Catalog is Live
Is File Sharing Okay As Long As The Files Are Shared Widely?
Bookcubes: Souvenirs of Digital Reading
Marilyn Johnson

I’m Asking the Questions Here: E-Book Edition
Dune is 45 this year: Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ holds timely – and timeless – appeal
The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book
1: ‘Scrotie McBoogerballs’ Elevates David Shields’ Career at Knopf
2: Literary Con Artist Taken Seriously
Cliff Burns: The Waiting Game
Christopher Fowler (+3): Writing? You’re Better Off Being A Window Cleaner
1: The End Of Books
2: The End Of Books II
3: The Bookshop Manifesto
Webcomic: True Swamp

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