iPad Links: Thursday, April 22, 2010

A bit shorter than usual as I didn’t travel the Net much today.

1: Malcolm McLaren’s funeral
2: LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS: I Went To Your Concert and There Was Nothing Going On, or, A Meditation on Dude Music
3: LADYPALOOZA PRESENTS! The World At Large: How Privilege works in Rock Music

How Facebook Plans to Dominate the Web
Death Spiral Continues: Nokia shares hit as profit outlook cut
Archos 5 Internet Tablet Firmware Update Changelog
Chippy’s SonyEricsson Xperia X10 Blog
Tickle Me Elmo Creator Invents a Sometimes-Lethal Weapon
Turning on your Reality Distortion Field
Ted Dziuba’s Blog
1: Can’t Stand to Sit Too Long? There’s a Desk for That
2: DIY Stand-up desk

Interesting iPad UI Anomaly
99 year old lady becomes an iPad user – writes poetry
iPad – A Perfect Fit for Magazines
How to Print from the iPad

Teenagers make $170k on Apple iPhone OS platform
Android running on iPhone!
Why I’m Angry About the iPhone Leak

UI/Web Design:
Mobile Design: Simplifying Complexity
Mobile Library Catalogs
Get 2D Working Right First: Is it too early to consider 3D html?
Justify My Love
The CSS 3 Flexible Box Model

The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta Needs a Calculator, not an E-Book Reader
Hip Hop Goes Transmedia (Part One)
“South Park” airs censored episode after threat

FREE Pulp Fiction: Add Flesh to the Fire
Writer Alan Glynn Interview: The Dark Art of Paranoia
Alan Glynn’s New Book: Winterland
Larger Article Link: Want To Build An Audience? Start Making Apps
Lulu and the London Book Fair Affaire: a Timeline

20th March
Eyjafjalla Glacier: PhfrlOOOOOOORb fssth BluuUUUUUrkkkk Boom Fsst (etc)


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