iPad Links: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I didn’t think I’d get a complete Links post done today but I managed it.

1: Shocking Fraud from Financial Scum
2: William Black Tells The Truth On Lehman’s Failure: “A Story In Large Part Of Fraud”

Libraries in NYC Protest Proposed Massive Budget Cuts — in a city where the Mayor, Billionaire Bloomberg, out of his own pocket, spent more on his illegitimate third run than he will deny the library. The vain bastard needs to open his big bank account and donate the shortfall. As penance!

Why does it take the extreme?
Five Ways to Suck at Marketing Your Small Business
Inside Pixar’s Leadership
Stop chasing followers

Twitter’s Weird Lock In
Dad is Dead: Rebutting Roger Ebert
Do we really want our lives to mirror video games like Farmville?
iSender:On Demand Peer-to-Peer File Transfer
No gain from brain training
Extreme thinking
Botox may diminish the experience of emotion

Why alienating developers is a winning strategy
You Can’t Innovate Like Apple

40 of the Most Stunning iPhone Developer Websites
On Adobe, Flash CS5 and iPhone Applications
What? Adobe Flash for iPhone OS is an open platform?
Why I Hate Adobe [PIC]

I HATE ragged-right. People died to give us H&J! Embracing the digital book
HTML5 webapps broken on the iPad
It’s Origami all over again: Concept: iPad Split Keyboard
PDF reading/notes: Reviewing papers on an iPad
That New Yorker cover: The iPad Cometh
Apple Rejects Kid-Friendly Programming App — make it right, Apple. Give us all HyperCard for free!
How I Use My iPad
Edit your website (on your iPad) with Gusto
Encoding for the Apple iPad, Part 1

Consumer group to call for Google break up
Oxford University Press launches the Anti-Google

Ten nations call on Google to better defend privacy
Lower Merion report: Web cams snapped 56,000 images

UI/Web Design:
Touch Gesture Reference Guide
Choose One: Easier or Better? Sorry, You Already Decided
How Gmail’s drag and drop works and why it’s not supported in Safari
The strange subway signs of Madrid (Notes on Navigation 2)
Fundamental Typography Guidelines for Motion Designers
EURion constellation
Akihabara: HTML5 Game Engine
CSS Tips I Wish I Knew When I First Started
CSS3, Please!
9 free unicode fonts ideal for logo designers-part1
WOFF submission accepted/published by W3C

Studio does content-ID takedown of my Hitler video about takedowns
Everyone Who’s Made a Hitler Parody Video, Leave the Room

GORGEOUS free children’s books: ePubBud
Why I hate PublishAmerica — vomit alert. RANT alert.
PublishAmerica Strikes Again
Happy endings for writers who create in coffee shops
You’ve Got to be Kidding!
Pirate Mashups And Promoting eBook Rip-Offs
The Dream of Perpetual Motion
The Atlantic, Fiction 2010, and How to Write in 700 Easy Lessons
Defendor (2009)

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