Writer’s Digest Magazine On iPad!

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Ah! The future!

I’d get Writer’s Digest every month — properly, from a newsstand — during several years in the 1970s. It was a like a (one-way) correspondence course for writing (two-way, when I bothered to write a letter — which was only one time, and it wasn’t published, because it was sarcastic about a stupid article about creativity which I still recall because the article was just so damned stupid, “artistic coma,” my ass!). (Now the WD staff will go look that one up. And will have to finally agree with me! See how these things work?)

In every issue there was at least one thing that made it worth the price of admission: one of the regular columnists, or a guide to writing an effective (or even proper) query letter, how to get an agent, or a wonderful interview with a writer, editor, or even publisher.

It’s been ages since I’ve read it and I really didn’t think I’d ever want to again — because it was on print. (I will no longer buy print.)

But now they’re going electronic, with a PDF-based version.

There are some more peeks after the break.

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The magazine is read using a program called Goodreader, which seems to be highly thought of for handling PDFs.

See here for the Writer’s Digest Magazine Digital Subscription ordering page.


6 responses to “Writer’s Digest Magazine On iPad!

  1. Artistic coma! Yes, we’ll definitely look it up.

    Appreciate the love, Mike. Thank you.

  2. I was disappointed to find that I couldn’t subscribe to a digital version of Atlantic Monthly for the very reasonable 1.25 an issue. The reason? The Kindle app for Ipad cannot display subscriptions. Oh well, I guess, I’ll have to continue creating a customized epub version using the Calibre Atlantic recipe synced through itunes.

    One thing I find positively bizarre is that digital subscriptions to Writer’s Digest are more expensive than print subscriptions.

    And Joe Romm’s book on climate change is only available in a dead tree edition. Life remains strange.

  3. You say you will no longer buy print – what’s the genesis of this decision?

  4. http://ebooktest.wordpress.com/2008/12/31/the-horror-of-paper-books/

    I did go temporarily insane three weeks ago and bought four(!) print books at the Strand here in NYC. They were $1.00 each, none in e, and one was from 1936 that I just couldn’t resist. They will probably all eventually be razored, scanned, and made into e so I can ditch the paper.

  5. @Robert – That’s odd. I believe the print and digital subs are both priced at ~$25?