iAd: Worse Than I Said It Would Be

Having been ripped off again by a member of the Me-Too Media today (by someone so low I won’t even link to him), I had to come to my own blog to show someone else why I have a “Me-Too Media” Category.

And that caused me to remember what I wrote earlier that everyone disbelieved at the time:

Me-Too Media: iPad Ads

Everyone seems to have forgotten Apple’s acquisition of a mobile ad purveyor. You think that won’t be used? The ad display framework will be built into future versions of Safari.

Emphasis (as italics) in the original.

I thought it would be only within Safari.

Apple went and put in inside the entire damned operating system itself.

Where are all those people who were so smug in the Comments here?

I wrote that on March 9, 2010.

Less than a month later — on April 8, 2010 — Apple announced iAd.

Keep being “Me-Too.”

That’s why no one reads you.

9 responses to “iAd: Worse Than I Said It Would Be

  1. The mock up is yours, why not wait until the iAds appear before giving yourself too much credit.

  2. Color myself unconvinced Mike.

    You were talking about iAd being part of Safari, not iPhone OS. I considered this to be a subtle difference at first and wasn’t going to comment – but then I went and read the previous post you linked to. It wasn’t the post itself, but *your* own comments in that post.

    Ad free blogs suddenly being framed by ads? Apple doing this to recoup hardware costs? The internet [plug in thought here]?

    My opinion: I’m wary but willing to see how this plays out.

    (1) Apple is a business. A publicly traded one. They are in it for the profits. But – they (see: Steve Jobs) have shown an understanding of “the experience”. I don’t see them going way overboard with ruining it.

    (2) With the AppStore, it’s about control, and it’s about… well, control. Apple (see: Steve Jobs) knows it has *the* killer iTouch device app in it. It already has fostered thousands of locked-in developers and millions of locked-in users.

    Maybe the iPad can continue with a standard of $9.99 for apps, but the day for that kind of price on iPhone or iPod apps is long gone. Developers need another revenue source or Android might make some serious inroads.

    (3) I’m hearing some confusion from you in regards to “the internet” and apps. iAds is meant for the latter, not the former. Now if you want to make an argument that the iPad is redefining how people will be *using* the internet in the future… I’m right there with you.

    But that’s a far cry from force-feeding ads to users through a web browser where the source HTML doesn’t contain them.


  3. Guess what. Apple bought a mobile ad network in Jan 5 2010. On Jan 5 2010, I made the radical and unappreciated prediction that Apple would be doing mobile ads.

    I know what you are thinking. How did I make the leap? How does it follow that Apple would get into mobile ads after buying a mobile ad company? How could there be any connection? Well, I made that connection on Jan 5 2010. It was bold, I admit. No one else could have predicted it then. No one believed it at the time. I was alone and first and no one ever gives me any credit for my prescience (look it up).

    You took over two months to make such a statement. You copied me. “Me-too” indeed!

  4. Um… You do realize that Apple applied some time ago (a year? two?) for a patent on an operating system that would pause operations until the user viewed and unskippable ad, right? How is any of this a surprise after that?

  5. Thanks for reminding me of that. That caused a stir back then too. That could be the next level of this.

  6. No, what I wrote was quite different. And if you “wrote” such a thing, how is it there is no blog/site URL attached you here?

  7. First:

    >>>(2) With the AppStore, it’s about control, and it’s about… well, control.


    And yes, I have to admit I was simply not paranoid enough to see ads being put into the OS itself. Mobile ads usually equals browser ads.

  8. Ummm, do you not know sarcasm when you see it? It pains me to have to explain it but my point was that most sentient beings easily concluded right after Apple bought a mobile ad company that they would be getting into mobile ads. Many actually said as much on countless blogs in early January. Your lack of insight and self-awareness is fascinating and is matched in magnitude only by your desperate need to believe your “revelations” are prescient and unappreciated.

  9. And yet with such poor information here, you keep coming back. That’s even more fascinating.