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Documentary News

Greg Baldino’s C2E2 Report #8 – Understanding Grant Morrison – And Warren Ellis Documentary Announced

The panel ended with a teaser trailer for the team’s next project, produced along with documentary film maker Kevin Thurman. The clip showed a dark image of a bearded man smoking and drinking Red Bull, speaking about life and purpose and writing, ending with the words:

Warren Ellis

Captured Ghosts

According to a tweet by Warren Ellis, this will be a DVD.

But we all know everyone will clamor for this stuff to be at the iTunes Store too. In HD. For our iPads. (And attention, kids, one hour of HD video is over a gigabyte of storage. See, avoid that 16GB low-end model!)

Blog Compiles Emails From Steve Jobs


How long before Apple PR co-opts this and decides to have a “Replies from Steve Jobs” section at the Apple site?

I think it’s been great that he’s had time to reply. It’s been better than any “social media outreach” (cough). But now there will probably be a pile-on to ruin it all.

iAd: Worse Than I Said It Would Be

Having been ripped off again by a member of the Me-Too Media today (by someone so low I won’t even link to him), I had to come to my own blog to show someone else why I have a “Me-Too Media” Category.

And that caused me to remember what I wrote earlier that everyone disbelieved at the time:

Me-Too Media: iPad Ads

Everyone seems to have forgotten Apple’s acquisition of a mobile ad purveyor. You think that won’t be used? The ad display framework will be built into future versions of Safari.

Emphasis (as italics) in the original.

I thought it would be only within Safari.

Apple went and put in inside the entire damned operating system itself.

Where are all those people who were so smug in the Comments here?

I wrote that on March 9, 2010.

Less than a month later — on April 8, 2010 — Apple announced iAd.

Keep being “Me-Too.”

That’s why no one reads you.