iPad Links: Friday, April 16, 2010

I have a printed(!) book from 1936 that I bought about two weeks ago for a buck. It’s been calling to me to read it all this time. It’s time for me to obey the call. I intend (haha!) to stay away from the computer this weekend (haha!). And I’m posting this hours earlier than usual to get to the book.

The Parasites of Normal Versus Artists:
Digital Economy Act: This means war
The RIAA and MPAA Have Failed To Understand A Cultural Shift

iAd: The real reason why Apple is banning some applications
Non-Apple’s Mistake

Moving Remy in Harmony: Pixar’s Use of Harmonic Functions
Eyeballs still don’t pay the bills
Schrödinger’s cash: Minting quantum money
Fancy Horse Makes Blizzard $2 Million in Four Hours

List of some iPad apps
As I grow older I want things to be simpler…
The iPad- A Review from an iPhone Developer
iPad: The Disneyland of Computers
Pages for iPad: In-Depth Review
iPad: Transferring Files with iTunes
Want to Manage Documents on your iPad?
iPad Quick Tip: Special Characters
iPad Quick Tip: Instant iPod Control
iPad Quick Tip: Changing Wallpapers
iPad Quick Tip: Grow Your Dock
New Pedestal Base for the iPad
No Flash Support on iPhone and iPad: Best Example!

Adobe’s Lawsuit Wedge? Apple’s New Guidelines Won’t Stop Wired Magazine IPad App
Not without fractions, it ain’t! Web Standards for E-books
iPad and iPhone Apps Revolutionize Book Marketing — and Reading
How To Skip the Publisher
Publishing model critics look at wrong end of the deal

UI/Web Design:
Useful Design Tips For Your iPad App
Storytelling in an OS: The future is Movie OS
Stupid floaty bar: Some Gaps To Fill Between Web Apps and Desktop/Mobile Apps
CSS3 Generator
Web charts with HTML5 + Flash
Browser Compatibility Master Table


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