Palm + Asus = Unstoppable

I must go off-topic here.

People have been discussing which company should acquire Palm.

There is only one company that should: Asus.

Asus is the only company out there that has the spirit of a pioneer. Asus is a company that dreams and leads.

Out of nowhere it created the netbook market. The Nettop device. And has also pioneered budget-priced all-in-one desktops.

Asus aspires to sustained leadership in the tech field.

Asus has been the one company outside of Apple that has shown a vision.

And like Apple, other companies have followed Asus. Larger brand names such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Lenovo, and even Sony(!) have brought out netbooks after Asus created that market.

I had expected a flood of Android mini-tablets this year. That this has not taken place is probably due to the difficulty of adapting Android to the tablet format. Archos has been wrestling with Android on its Archos 5 Internet Tablet and still releases almost-weekly firmware updates.

The other reason for the lack of a flood has to do with the uncertainty surrounding Android. The full Google Experience is only possible via licensing. And I don’t think anyone sees the sense in doing that. Why get a full Google Experience tablet right when Google has already shown it can jump in and do that itself any time — as it did with phones, with the Nexus One?

Palm’s webOS is clearly superior to Android not only from the standpoint of UI and technical abilities, but from a business standpoint too. It’s owned by one company, is unavailable for licensing, and has a ton of developer tools.

Asus could adapt webOS for a tablet with far less effort than anyone attempting a tablet with Android.

Asus + Palm would create the only viable competitor to Apple’s iPad.

And as much as I love the iPad, I’m not so fond of certain aspects of Apple.

A formidable competitor is required to keep Apple honest and sharp.

Asus + Palm could do that.

Here are three videos illustrating Asus vision:


2 responses to “Palm + Asus = Unstoppable

  1. I could not agree more!

  2. Damn, had the same thought. Asus invests very seriously in design and has talent plus experience. Palm would be a perfect match that would give Palm access to overseas markets and Asus better American access.

    Plus, although it’s not thought of as intuitive anymore, Palm has a strong handwriting heritage

    The question to ask to take this to the next level of seriousness is–does Asus have the cash in the bank to do this and has this been considered in their corporate strategy? Worth a phone call or several for anyone with some change they’re looking to invest.