iPad Links: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did you get your taxes in on time? JP Morgan, CitiGroup, et al, need them so they can keep giving themselves swank bonuses while they destroy an already-obsolete monetary system. Be patriotic! Drop your pants and bend over, citizen! Never question authority!

I hit the usual sites today. Still, not much going on.

Why Content Is a Public Good
Copying Is Not Theft

Manholes of Venus
Chiropractors? libel case dropped against Simon Singh
America’s Obesity Epidemic: Bringing Sideshow Freaks Into The Discussion
NYC Area Cable Companies Reach WiFi Agreement
UK freelancers under attack

Apple iAd Team Visits Hill Holliday, Shares Details
HAL 2010
Steve Jobs meets Donald Knuth
A reconciling proposal
Five rational arguments for Apple’s 3.3.1 policy
Why Apple’s 3.3.1 is great for hackers and (smart) founders

Good analysis: iPhone OS 4.0

1: Apple removes Scratch from iPad/iPhone/iTouch
2: Scratch
Oh yes, working on a text editor for iPad
iPad: ZOMG! Amazing scribbles by Yoshitoshi ABe
Design Lessons from iPad
Visual culture on the iPad
Alice for iPad: iBrothers Grimm: The eBook is dead, long live the eBook
Pulling the wool over your iPads
Turning the iPad into an iBook (DIY iPad Booksafe case)
How to print from an iPad
Gorgeous Wallpapers: Illustrations by R27 Creativelab

CMAP #5: Why books are the length they are

UI/Web Design:
Artist, Designer, or Hack?
Web Safe Fonts Cheat Sheet
Snazzy Hover Effects Using CSS
The Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set (750 icons, incl. PSD sources)
Disease! Death! Research!
Minimalist redesign of Harry Potter book covers
More Web Inspector Updates


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