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iPad Links: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did you get your taxes in on time? JP Morgan, CitiGroup, et al, need them so they can keep giving themselves swank bonuses while they destroy an already-obsolete monetary system. Be patriotic! Drop your pants and bend over, citizen! Never question authority!

I hit the usual sites today. Still, not much going on.

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Copying Is Not Theft

Manholes of Venus
Chiropractors? libel case dropped against Simon Singh
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NYC Area Cable Companies Reach WiFi Agreement
UK freelancers under attack

Apple iAd Team Visits Hill Holliday, Shares Details
HAL 2010
Steve Jobs meets Donald Knuth
A reconciling proposal
Five rational arguments for Apple’s 3.3.1 policy
Why Apple’s 3.3.1 is great for hackers and (smart) founders

Good analysis: iPhone OS 4.0

1: Apple removes Scratch from iPad/iPhone/iTouch
2: Scratch
Oh yes, working on a text editor for iPad
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CMAP #5: Why books are the length they are

UI/Web Design:
Artist, Designer, or Hack?
Web Safe Fonts Cheat Sheet
Snazzy Hover Effects Using CSS
The Ultimate Free Web Designer’s Icon Set (750 icons, incl. PSD sources)
Disease! Death! Research!
Minimalist redesign of Harry Potter book covers
More Web Inspector Updates

Apple: Think What Now?

Cassius Clay. At the height of the social unrest of the 1960s, he became a Muslim, changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and refused to be drafted to fight in Vietnam.

Rosa Parks. Refused to obey the city bus rules that blacks should sit in the back. Compounded her offense by refusing to relinquish her seat to a white man.

Apple used the bravery and struggles and dare-to-offend acts of these people in its ad campaigns.

Now Apple betrays their lives by engaging in book banning.


Update: Apple Rescinds Book Ban

Digital Comic Books, Piracy, And More

Over at writer Warren Ellis’ forum, Whitechapel, there’s a very interesting discussion happening about digital comics.

Part of Ellis’ initial post:

If I were starting out today, I’d be thinking very hard about wrapping my comic into a .cbz container, slinging it on Rapidshare and posting the link on download sites under an anonymous handle.

I mean, obviously, more people are probably thinking about an iPad app. But the thing about iPad apps is that, as with the iPhone, there are going to be a huge fucking load of them very soon, and they’re going to be very difficult to sort through. An iPad app for an indie comic is going to get lost in the crowd just like an indie comic in PREVIEWS. Probably worse, since paging through PREVIEWS is a bit easier than clicking through a category dump in the App Store.

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Palm + Asus = Unstoppable

I must go off-topic here.

People have been discussing which company should acquire Palm.

There is only one company that should: Asus.

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The Latest Outrageous Apple Book Rejection!

Mark Fiore can win a Pulitzer Prize, but he can’t get his iPhone cartoon app past Apple’s satire police

In December, Apple rejected his iPhone app, NewsToons, because, as Apple put it, his satire “ridicules public figures,” a violation of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, which bars any apps whose content in “Apple’s reasonable judgement may be found objectionable, for example, materials that may be considered obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.”

How many times must we go down this road, Apple?

Who is the person judging digital books for the App Store who has brain damage and keeps repeating this mistake?

Find that person. Fire that person!

Back on November 9th, 2009 at The eBook Test I posted about another political satire digital book that was rejected similarly: Another Day, Another DoubleDumb Apple Book Rejection!.

What is this going to be, Apple? A case-by-case firefight with you guys?

Are you to be the new Digital Taliban?

If you cannot understand the First Amendment, if you can’t understand it supercedes your narrow monetary interests, perhaps you might want to consider moving your Corporate headquarters to a place like Singapore or Malaysia, where you’d at least have the excuse of hiding behind their similarly-repressive governments.

I find it personally shocking that someone such as Steve Jobs — the epitome of a rebel — winds up on the wrong side of this issue over and over again.

You are entering a world where many precedents have been set by others in court cases to win our freedoms. Follow the example of Grove Press and others, Apple.

This is about books, Apple. Not you.

Stop being so ridiculous.

Is this the future you want —

Apple to be the first corporation to be cited as a book banner?

Do you really want me and my fellow writers to start agitating for that?

Update: Apple Rescinds Book Ban

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