The iPad Is 1984 All Over Again

Scott McKain has an interesting post.

He asks:

So…what happens when our cult becomes dominant? When the vision of Steve Jobs becomes truly realized to the point that Apple is THE dominant player?

Clearly, the iPhone changed the way people thought about phones. It was a ball right out of the park.

But I don’t think that’s the case with the iPad just yet.

I see the iPad as being the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984 all over again.

Nothing since the original Mac has brought out the nascent imbecility of tech coverage since … well, the Mac itself.

I didn’t see anyone wondering about the need for Google’s Android OS.

I didn’t see anyone wondering why someone would want an ICD tablet or Notion Ink tablet.

No. It’s been a droolfest for both of those! Droolfest squared when you combine Android with one of those tablets!

Unlike for the iPad. Those who can clearly the see the benefits of the iPad, those who can see how the iPad changes everything — and will change everything — those people, the new Rest of Us, are derided as cultists or somehow hypnotized by an Apple logo and Steve Job’s so-called Reality Distortion Field.

Or we’re simply idiots who need a computer to be a “toy” in order to use it.

And yet, if you were to go into the boardrooms of Google, Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, and other large companies — especially Sony! — you’d hear all of them wishing they had created the iPhone and the iPad.

It’s funny how the people who make products can understand the iPhone and the iPad.

While those who simply write about products … continue to be imbeciles.

Just as they were back in 1984.

Anyway, for the Rest of Us, let’s party like it’s 1984 again!


3 responses to “The iPad Is 1984 All Over Again

  1. 1oo% In agreement.

  2. well…..sorta.

    I just spent the last couple hours reading the new TOS agreement for iTunes. It’s sobering stuff. Apple is big brother clearly in it. We are Winston for sure. It is fully a walled garden plain and simple. Apple can do whatever, however, whenever, and why-ever it pleases–and you must allow them to do so! We don’t have any, ANY rights unless given by our over-lobbbied law-givers by Apple. I am convinced DMCA was the keystone to make the iPad happen as Jobs wanted it to be. I remember the fuss of Gates’ Open passport tollbooth, its now called iTunes (it will be renamed iStore in the near future). At least Amazon will allow you to reload a book and they back up all the books so you can recover if your kindle dies/replaced. Good luck with Apple.

    Here is my fear(s). You spend a lot of money buying ebooks. Apple suddenly decides to change format/device and wont allow you to transfer/upgrade your digital books forward unless you pay a fee. So you’re paying an upgrade to your books. The content has not changed and authors/publishers get nothing, Apple gets all. I am being forced to pay for access all over again. I still have all my books from 30 years, good luck with digital books. And I can pass on my huge library to my relatives. Um, can’t under iTunes. In my many books are annotations that trace a mind growing and wrestling with knowledge and wisdom and techniques. Will my digital annotations be around for others to study? Apple controls your annotations. I suspect Apple will clamp down on copy/paste from ibooks in iphone 4.0. I would love to find out my fears are unfounded.

    I have waited 30 years for an iPad as an ereader. As a disabled man, I really need the iPad. But not at the cost of losing my freedom and access. An Apple flavor Epub is not the free and open ascii code for content. Until ebooks are independent of devices and DRM free, am sorry, I just cant justify an iPad. I hear Jobs tells us he hates DRM, I say: Bullshit!

    [[sorry mike for the long post, just needed to get this off my chest]]

  3. Your fears are not unwarranted at all. And it’s my advice to all to NOT buy eBooks from the iBookstore. Buy ePubs from elsewhere, strip the DRM, and sideload onto the iPad. You are no longer beholden to Apple or threatened by them. And to back up highlighting and annotations, do screensnaps as backups.