iPad Links: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I didn’t get around the Net much today. This will have to do:

The People of the Abyss 2010:
China’s Youth Meet Microsoft: KYE Factory in China Produces for Microsoft and other U.S. Companies
Banks Making Big Profits From Tiny Loans

Make Some Shit: Stop trying to make the Internet boring!
Chatroulette Before Chatroulette: Antisocial media

Apple to xplatform developers: We’re no longer suicidal
The Progress of the Platform

iAd: iPhone OS 4: Why It’s Time to Choose a Different Phone

Changing Of The Guard: New MacBook Pr—OH LOOK, AN IPAD!
Apple iPad Network Connectivity Issues
Israel: Beware at Customs: Gov’t has banned iPad imports
Why doesn’t Google Docs work on iPad?
ABC Sees Success in iPad App
With A Video! Windows 95 on iPad

iPad eBook Deconstruction:
1: Choosing Fonts for iBooks on iPad
2: More fonts for eBooks on iBooks on the iPad

Writer Max Barry: My Stupid Industry
Self-published Books Swamp Traditionally Published Books
How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?
Counterintuitive: Why Murdoch’s overpriced Wall Street Journal iPad subscription may be a stroke of genius
Going Rouge: A Tale of POD

What Apple needs to learn about selling books
1: webr3.org: linked data extractor prototype details
2: Test Screensnap

UI/Web Design:
When good interfaces go crufty
CSS vendor prefixes redux
Cross-Browser CSS Gradient
CSS: Word-Wrap: Force Text to Wrap
38 Mobile (iPhone) Sites


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