iPad Fondle: WeatherBug

After last night’s Doctor Who event, I went and tormented myself with more fondling of the iPad.

I got a unit that had been molested by some foreigners. I had to change the language back to English. But the poor iPad was so bollixed, I could never get the keyboard itself to go back to QWERTY Engligh. It stayed in French (and seemingly NON-QWERTY) no matter how many times I made a trip to Settings.

Anyway, it seems they are changing the line-up of demo apps on the iPad. Last night I saw both fewer and different apps than prior fondles.

One of the them was an app called WeatherBug.

After the break, some droolicious screensnaps!

Click = big

And this bit just floored me — zooming in by pinching out. Look!

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

It. Was. Just. So. Damned. FAST!

As soon as I lifted my fingertips — BAM! The new view was there! It was … there’s no other word, dammit: Magical! [Update: I should clarify, it zooms it while you are pinching-out, live. The lack of delay, how this is indeed so magical, is just breathtaking!]

And this baby has cams!!

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

I want a damned good weather app for my iPad. I’ll have to take a good look at this one. I liked what I saw in this brief try-out.


3 responses to “iPad Fondle: WeatherBug

  1. Of course, there’s always the organic method of just looking out the window. :-) But that does look pretty cool. If I get an iPad, I’d probably dig WeatherBug.

  2. God no! In the 21st century, you need that radar! It lets you see if a storm is going to drench you twenty minutes after you’ve stepped out into a clear, sunny sky. It also lets you knew when it’s safe to venture out while a blizzard is in progress. Really, I rely on radar a lot!

    The poor Donner Party could have used radar!

  3. You need the radar more in NYC, too. I can walk out to the mailbox and see a razor-sharp horizon 90 miles away… The weather coming this direction is freakin’ obvious, usually!