Doctor Who Lands At Apple Store SoHo

Now it can be revealed why I left the PC early yesterday.


Writer Steven Moffatt, Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan were interviewed by TV Guide‘s Matt Rousch for about 40 minutes and then it was opened to questions from the audience.

Sorry, kids, I have no pictures. The camera has been dead for some time over here. Besides which, I had to stand in the back, some thirty feet away from the three, so any pics I might have gotten would have been pretty crap without a good non-digital zoom.

It was great fun, though. All three are delightful.

At one point, this event will be available as a free podcast at iTunes under the Meet the Filmmaker [iTunes link] series. At post time, it wasn’t yet up.

Without spoiling much, but to prove I was there, listen to Moffatt answer the question about the Doctor using a gun. The anecdote about the owl. Karen talking about being in Times Square. And, if it isn’t cut, some guy (not me!) in the audience asking Karen if he could leave his phone number and her blushing — and Moffatt’s retort.

I wound up with a magnet that BBC America HD was giving out. I also got a bookmark from a local Doctor Who fan organization pimping a book called The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who.

For those Whovians out there, the same guy who gave me the bookmark was also pimping An Evening with the 7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy. Check out that event here.

I’ve already seen the first two episodes of the Matt Smith Who — thank god for the Internet, and may God preserve it! — and my initial reaction to the trailer I first saw was correct: Smith nails the Doctor. I warmed up to him faster than I did to Tennant. And Karen Gillan as Amy is total hotness. If you have to wait for BBC America to air them, make sure to set your DVR for this Saturday at 9PM EST. It’s not to be missed!

In the meantime, you can grab some wallpaper for the iPad!

One response to “Doctor Who Lands At Apple Store SoHo

  1. “Smith nails the Doctor. …And Karen Gillan as Amy is total hotness.”

    … I’m too scared to comment ;-) And besides, I vowed to give Smith and Gillan another three episodes.