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The iPad Is 1984 All Over Again

Scott McKain has an interesting post.

He asks:

So…what happens when our cult becomes dominant? When the vision of Steve Jobs becomes truly realized to the point that Apple is THE dominant player?

Clearly, the iPhone changed the way people thought about phones. It was a ball right out of the park.

But I don’t think that’s the case with the iPad just yet.

I see the iPad as being the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984 all over again.

Nothing since the original Mac has brought out the nascent imbecility of tech coverage since … well, the Mac itself.

I didn’t see anyone wondering about the need for Google’s Android OS.

I didn’t see anyone wondering why someone would want an ICD tablet or Notion Ink tablet.

No. It’s been a droolfest for both of those! Droolfest squared when you combine Android with one of those tablets!

Unlike for the iPad. Those who can clearly the see the benefits of the iPad, those who can see how the iPad changes everything — and will change everything — those people, the new Rest of Us, are derided as cultists or somehow hypnotized by an Apple logo and Steve Job’s so-called Reality Distortion Field.

Or we’re simply idiots who need a computer to be a “toy” in order to use it.

And yet, if you were to go into the boardrooms of Google, Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, and other large companies — especially Sony! — you’d hear all of them wishing they had created the iPhone and the iPad.

It’s funny how the people who make products can understand the iPhone and the iPad.

While those who simply write about products … continue to be imbeciles.

Just as they were back in 1984.

Anyway, for the Rest of Us, let’s party like it’s 1984 again!

iPad Links: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I didn’t get around the Net much today. This will have to do:

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Yeah, But Who “Needs” It?

Apple Media Advisory

… the iPad is a runaway success in the US thus far.

Who doubted that?

Oh, all those idiots — I really, really should have kept a list — who said they couldn’t understand the “need” an iPad met.

I guess they’ll still go with the “Apple fanboi” line until the number breaks the first million.

Maybe then they’ll understand the “need.”

There were some people who made a public spectacle of themselves by re-boxing their iPads to return them.

Will they be so public when they buy it a second time?

No. They’ll use a throwaway line: “I don’t want an iPad but now my work requires it.”


Some of us are not fooled, fool.

As for me, every time I touch an iPad, I want it even more!

Another iBooks Glimpse

I downloaded the sample for Return to the Magic Kingdom (see prior post).

See some screensnaps after the break.

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It’s National Library Week

Odd that I find this out only mid-week. But still.

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Will Publishers Obey iBooks Customers?

As part of last night’s iPad fondle, I also dipped into iBooks. This is one aspect of that fondle. Another aspect will be a separate post.

I searched for books about Apple. One came up (thanks to someone on Twitter who did this search earlier in the day for me):

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iPad Fondle: WeatherBug

After last night’s Doctor Who event, I went and tormented myself with more fondling of the iPad.

I got a unit that had been molested by some foreigners. I had to change the language back to English. But the poor iPad was so bollixed, I could never get the keyboard itself to go back to QWERTY Engligh. It stayed in French (and seemingly NON-QWERTY) no matter how many times I made a trip to Settings.

Anyway, it seems they are changing the line-up of demo apps on the iPad. Last night I saw both fewer and different apps than prior fondles.

One of the them was an app called WeatherBug.

After the break, some droolicious screensnaps!

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Doctor Who Lands At Apple Store SoHo

Now it can be revealed why I left the PC early yesterday.


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