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iPad Links: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is likely the only post for today. I’ll be leaving the desktop soon for that hideous thing called Real Life.

This one is a bit light, even though I hit all the usual suspects. It’s been a very quiet Tuesday (so far).

NYC iPad Developers: Tabula Rasa NYC – April 29, 2010

This Is Real: Aimee Mann vs. Ice T on Twitter

Matt Taibbi: Looting Main Street
13 Things that Saved Apollo 13
Creepy Wikipedia pages
Products We Love: Mini Gumstick Camera
Looking to hire a logo designer? You might want to read this.
MUST-SEE: The Mysterious “Mirror Man” appears in L.A.

1: Guy Kewney Died Last Week. R.I.P.
2: Guy Kewney as a social object

Spoon and Fork iPhone Stands

Yes, A Guest Mode At Least: Attention Apple: The iPad needs to support multiple users. Now make it so
What I Learned This Week: Two Rights Can Make A Wrong–TIME’s Thinly-Disguised iPad Ad
1: iPad: the design discussions begin
2: iPad Design for News: Primer 1
3: iPad discovery: piano playing, sketching, and more
Designing for iPad: Reality Check
Designing for the iPad
My iPad Adventure So Far
iPad and behavior: some personal observations
iPad for science? Not yet
Need For iPad: Undercover Laptop Sleeve

Jack Kirby’s Heroes in Waiting
French Hyperbooks: blueOrange: Revue de litterature hypermediatique
HBS Cases: iPads, Kindles, and the Close of a Chapter in Book Publishing

UI/Web Design:
CSS Tricks for Beginners
Introducing Glyph
RDoc On Your iPad
HTML5 History is the Future
HTML5 vs. Flash / Open Letter To Adobe
1: Opera hates my web font
2: Opera loves my web font
A hardback book and a PDF for Britain
Creator of the Gods
Typefaces And Body Weights