Windows On iPad: Photos Of Horror

Those are not screensnaps. See first, see second.

Those are from Steven Troughton-Smith, a developer.

He’s famous for abusing his hardware like that.

Before this, he added the iPhone’s Clock app to the iPad.

He will probably blog this too.

Update: I should clarify. This is not showing Windows being displayed via one of those screen sharing programs. This is Windows put into the iPad.

4 responses to “Windows On iPad: Photos Of Horror

  1. It looks more like an iPad being used as a monitor. :-)

    I never knew Microsoft had a Windows 1.x version for ARM processors.

  2. It’s running inside some sort of emulator. Windows has been crammed into lots of devices, none of which I can recall at this damned moment. Most of the time these days, people cram Linux into something.

  3. It’s both sick and wrong!

  4. How long before it blue screens? ;)