See For Yourself = Win

Oh, I was really going to rip into the tablet magazine prototypes that were shown by Sports Illustrated, Wired, and Popular Science.

But I never had time.

I’m glad I never used up that time because now that these magazines have been released, people are ripping them to shreds in many of the same ways I would have.

Now you can go yell at them instead of me.

One post I’d especially like to highlight is by Rex Hammock. People like Rex because he’s so goddammed cheerful. But he’s no fool. I just love his review of the Popular Science one and must highlight this excerpt:

I think it’s a good thing they placed a $5 price-tag on the “concept app,” as the price will keep a lot of people from downloading it and using it and thinking this is what an app from a magazine company is like.

Now, if months ago I had come out and stated what absolute crap most of those prototypes looked like and how absolutely breathtakingly brainless they seemed, people would have jumped all over me.

Now all of you can go stab Rex and the others.

Thanks for being my Kevlar here, Rex!

And yeah, I would have told you so back then. But, hey, they like all that money you gave them, suckers! So, as far as I’m concerned, this is all Win.

For those of you who want to do better, start here: Web Designers: Wake Up And Smell The Touchscreen Coffee!

And if the current tools for doing that are inadequate, go yell at Apple.

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  1. re: Thanks for being my Kevlar here, Rex!

    Glad to help out.



  2. You keep keeping them all honest!