Making The Sausage

Arjun Basu, who has pioneered the one-tweet story on Twitter, posted a photo of his novel-in-progress.

Yeah, that’s what the process looks like.

My own have had arrows pointing to the reverse of the page where I’ve scrawled even more words.

And when it goes to an editor, then copyeditor, then proofreader, they do their own things, marking it up even more.

I want to eliminate the paper step entirely on my end and I hope that will happen when I have an iPad.


4 responses to “Making The Sausage

  1. I have arrows too! Just not on these pages. And I also have blank pages with scribbles stapled to typed pages. And boxes separating columns of new text from other columns of new text.

  2. Do you also have different colors of ink too? That’s when it really gets bad! Ha!

  3. No. But I have both pencil and black pen. So, yes.

  4. Red ink. I really believed in the red ink when I still used paper.