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iPad Links: Friday, April 9, 2010

I hope not to do Links posts this weekend. Or any other posts. We’ll see how that works out. For now …

THEFT ALERT: Gene Colan Injured; Art Missing
FRAUD ALERT: The Enso zenPad MID — I said to avoid!
Jonathan Ott’s victim of arson, signed copies of Albert Hofmann books used to start fire

Apple, buy them before Google does: Algebraix: “Too Good To Be True” – Creating An Algebra For Data

A Revolutionary New Way to Learn Revealed
The next Microsoft Word: a peek
A correlation between recommendability and revenue?
Does self promotion cause heart disease?
New species ‘lives without oxygen’
Ronald McDonald to Retire?
FarmVille fiasco: British lad spends $1,375 on his farm
Apple To Fix Malfunctioning iPad Customers

Either something is really scewy in Appleville or they are triumphing with misdirection:
1: Steve Jobs Has Just Gone Mad
2: Jobs Bans Non C Libraries. Insane Restraint of Trade
3: Apple Uses App Store to Enforce Non-Existent Trademark
New iPhone Developer Agreement Bans the Use of Third-Party Analytics and Services
Mobile Orchards Abandons iPhone Platform
How Apple screwed up the iAd launch
The dog ate my bookmarks

iPad Fail
How I Spent My iPad Vacation
iPad Q&A: Popular Science magazine
Three iPad design choices that will influence how we read news online
Scroll down, start at: Me and my iPad shadow
Magazine Apps on the iPad
Geek Out!: In search of a better comic book app
1 – Scrivener: The iPad and Mac Development
2 – Scrivener: Scrivener for iPad
The iPad Mystique
50 really useful iPad tips and tricks
Captain, can I use my iPad now?
Reading With iPad
Free books for your iPad
How to find books

UI/Web Design:
If you only know 2 things about how to sell UX….
What is design thinking and why does it matter?
Opinion Column: The Sad State Of The Web Design Community
Design for Invisibility
Design Etiquette 101
A Basic Look at Typography in Web Design
Downsides of Twitter’s Newly Designed Home
Video: Prefab – Modifies UI’s
The Dying Art Of Design
CSS Specificity And Inheritance
Mastering CSS Floats
Piles of photo books on vintage electronic designs
old tech ads
Real Life Into Paintings
Feudal Japanese Star Wars Art

Track Sales Peak
In which I put $200-a-title conversion houses out of business
Rupert Murdoch, Dinosaur: Publish and be damned
YouTube: Kobo iPad App Review: Kobo Book Store Walkthrough
Be Kind To Books!

On How Many Times I Should Get Paid For a Book (By Readers)
Steve Englehart Breaks His Silence
A few stupid things about Apple Pages
Do Not Fuck With Writers:
1: Comics Bulletin Pulls Meth Column
2: “Welcome to Hollywood”

Writers: Own Your ISBN!

This applies to writers who will be publishing direct, not ones going through the traditional method of licensing their work under contract to a publisher. In the latter case, the publisher handles the ISBN.

Laura J. Dawson, who is the expert on book identification matters — which includes the ISBN — holds a one-hour chat on Twitter just about every Friday at noon Eastern Time. Pop the search term hashtag #ISBNHour into a search engine or Twitter search to see previous discussions.

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Making The Sausage

Arjun Basu, who has pioneered the one-tweet story on Twitter, posted a photo of his novel-in-progress.

Yeah, that’s what the process looks like.

My own have had arrows pointing to the reverse of the page where I’ve scrawled even more words.

And when it goes to an editor, then copyeditor, then proofreader, they do their own things, marking it up even more.

I want to eliminate the paper step entirely on my end and I hope that will happen when I have an iPad.