iPad Links: Thursday, April 8, 2010

I didn’t get much of a chance to get around the Net today. Frankly, after fondling the iPad again yesterday, coming back to this desktop PC is a depressing and discouraging experience.

So, a very short post.

Apple must read this: What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s not a Camera) — this is disturbing. I’d expect this of Microsoft, not Apple.

Finally, a way to improve WinMob! DIYers Hack Windows Mobile Phones to Run Android

The hammer and the iPad…
Read Predictably Irrational: Price Anchoring, Or Why a $499 iPad Seems Inexpensive
What the iPad Told Me
The iPad: Obligatory Post on Impressions, Reading, and Wrist Strength
iPad thoughts after a few days
Um, no: Are People Already Missing the Point of the iPad?
iPad Keyboard Dock Hands On
Why the iPad Will Win.
Apple Wants 1/8th of Your iPhone Back—Don’t Give It to Them

iPad Pages App:
File Sharing with an iPad: Ugh!

iPhone OS 4:
YouTube video: iPhone OS 4 multitask

UI/Web Design:
iPad web development tips
2008: iPhone Design Session
HTML 5 Doctor

Publisher Realizes Google Books Isn’t Evil, But Quite Beneficial — and then will cry when his business is all gone.
Spooked By iPad, ePub’s Custodians Promise Overhaul
Backwards Steps by the WSJ and NYT on iPad

Free eBook: Lady – Here’s Your Wreath by James Hadley Chase


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