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iPad Links: Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I was in the mood again today.

Tomorrow will be a day off. No blogging.

See the hidden iPhone sensors! (scroll down)

A new cosmopolitanism is in the air
Lady Snowblood at The Japan Society
Seeking Emotional Clues Without Facial Cues
The Self-Confidence Con

1: iPad First Impressions
2: Notes About The Future
My Weekend with iPad
Everything Changes
Technology & Liberal Arts
The Moderate’s Position on iPad Openness
Kobo: Random House Books Not Available Via iBookstore
Is this the first ever literary reading delivered from an iPad?
iPad, the destroyer: 19 things it will kill
iPad falls short on cloud integration
How to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad
iPad Day: 9:41 AM
iPad Hits a Bump: Wi-Fi Woes Point to Apple Bug
How to Reset your iPad
The iPad: What is a Gutenberg moment, anyway?
Ideate: A Digital Sketchbook
Why the iPad may be the perfect ideation tool
The iPad Welcomes the None Percenters
WTF does “unreasonably fast” even mean? What’s New in Tablets
A selection of art people have made on the iPad in the first three days
iPad Case Gallery
Lush wallpapers: 50FT iPad Starter Pack
Wallpaper: Screw the haters
Must-see photo: Progress

iPad Pages App:
David Hewson iPad Buy Countdown Begins: Why I won’t be buying an iPad
— and David Hewson also wants you to know how wrong wrong wrong I was about Pages for iPad being as full and capable as the desktop version for OS X. It is not. For now.
And worse: Crippled iWorks apps for iPad causes confusion and frustration for new owners
iPad Pages PDF: Oh no, a bug in Apple software?


Better Metadata Will Ensure That Canadian Books Don’t Get Lost Online

UI/Web Design:
Nice designs: Quirky: Products
Free Printable Sketching, Wireframing and Note-Taking PDF Templates
Doing It Wrong: Yvette’s Bridal Formal
Cognitive load theory

TOLDJA! PGA [Producers Guild of America] Announces New “Transmedia Producer” Credit
The Increasingly Visual Nature of Media
Another AmazonFAIL: Betraying Salinger

BRAZIL — The Illustrated Guide to the Novel
Direct PDF Link [Save As…]: Erotic Capital
Audio (listen!): Fear of Publishing [no, this is not me! It’s Paul Elard Cooley.]
ALLIGATOR (1962) by I*n Fl*m*ng [link fixed]
Preying on ignorance: Lulu: ePub Conversion Services

Apple: PLEASE Kill The IDPF And ePub!

Those wunderkinds who gave us broken covers, no fractions, and no photo captions in “industry standard” electronic books — the International Digital Publishing Forum (aka IDPF) — has just issued a slew of proposals trying to play catchup with basic things the spec should have supported out of the box.

This is the paper [web page link] being passed around.

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