Warren Ellis Unearths Comics Goodness

His original post is here: I Have Found The Marvel Comic That I Must Bring Back

And oh my god! How I’d love to have a complete run of these as “e-reprints” for my iPad!!

See two covers after the break and see if you can resist these babies!

Click = ginormous

Click = ginormous

“Red-Blooded Thrills”!!! Who can resist that?!

3 responses to “Warren Ellis Unearths Comics Goodness

  1. This kind of thing is where the iPad will win out. I can’t really read much on a laptop or netbook. It’s like a chore, not a pleasure. Whereas I could on the old Palms or on my smartphone.

    I’m certain the iPad will have the same feel. You’ll be able to lounge in an armchair and use it like a book, a smartbook.

    Those comics would be great on it.

  2. If you find them electronically, let us know. They look great!

  3. Well, only legal ones.