iPhone OS 4.0 Musings

1) Hyphenation tables (required for iBooks; this is something that’d be deep in the guts of the code, for devs only, and unlikely to be openly mentioned).

2) App switching — people cite Expose, but I expect a surprise here. Pressing the Home button twice, as rumored, seems tacky. I really think they’d want a software solution for this.

3) Would they also preview a new iTunes? It’s needed for desktop reading of eBooks and for syncing book notes and for syncing Pages revisions (a feature which needs to be added).

4) More syncing options with MobileMe. Users of the abominable Kindle say they’d like to have similar iBooks syncing — that is, read on iPhone on the go, have iPad sync your spot when you get home.

5) What if Apple brought back something like HyperCard? Now wouldn’t that be a nice kick in the face to all the Over-IQed Wingnuts? Something like that could even be used to create digital books! (If Apple did something like this, how fast would we see all the whiners change to whining about how “anyone” could now create things instead of needing them and their expertise?)


6 responses to “iPhone OS 4.0 Musings

  1. That brings up a good question… Do you really think Apple will open up desktop reading of books, or will they say something about it being a poor experience, and not turn it on to force people into a device purchase?

    You’ll notice there is no iBooks on the iPhone.

  2. Andrew Meit

    As for 1., yes Apple has those tables from a long time ago. And its a no-brainer to use them in code.
    As for 5., Sadly Jobs really, really does not understand the value of Hypercard. Now, Apple might help a 3rd party dev to fill that void. Runtime Revolution mobile is trying but its way overpriced for casual users. But give the them a few years. ;-) Tile-stack too is trying hard. However, I agree with you that Pages will support epub in time, or some flavor of it, but not just yet.

  3. There’s no iBooks yet because then people would have one less reason to buy an iPad! I expect iBooks to show up on the iPhone. And desktop reading is necessary for scholarship — and that’s the *huge* education market Apple woos.

  4. I just checked the timeline. Yeah, Jobs was out of Apple in 1985 and HyperCard came out in 1987. Since it was created by Bill Atkinson, I figured Jobs might have had a part in it. Probably not. Such a shame it’s not around.

  5. Andrew Meit

    All Jobs needs is an hour long conversation with A. Kay about doing scholarship. Kay is a prof and serious researcher. ;-) His Reactive Engine PhD is the spiritual bible of the Mac. Ruskin knew it well.
    I bet a desktop ibooks will come but only after a few years; if there is still a desktop! One of the sticking points is fair-use of content for scholarship. However, Jeff really does want the mac desktop K version to compete. I have learned recently Jeff gets it about scholarship and is working to address it; as well as better accessibility stuff too.

  6. Andrew Meit

    Jobs was totally out of Hypercard. By time he came back it was put through the wringer. Gates pushed Jobs hand to kill it. HC 3 could have ruled and defined the web. We HC users pleaded hard but its gone.
    Note, One of the things I hated about Schully was his forcing me to give up the old autographed 512k Mac shell to get my MacPlus upgrade. :-(