iPad Links: Monday, April 5, 2010

As I was reading, I figured I shouldn’t let it go to waste, hence a new Links post.

None of this is helping me to wait wait wait for the 3G iPad.

Apple must read this: iBooks and ePub

Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers

Virtual Goods
The key to progress – Motivation
The Better Adapted You Are, the Less Adaptable You Tend To Be
Your price may be too low, increasing it may spur sales
Over A Half-Million YouTube Video Views Means?
Women’s vs. Men’s English
Joan Castle Joseff dies at 97; led Burbank businesses

“Hi…I’m Scott…and I’m an iPad addict.”
Oh god, it’s Pages Lite! Is it possible to turn on “track changes” and/or to insert comments in pages on iPad?
iWork Pages for the iPad: Good for Casual Writing but Lacks a Few Essential Features
The iPad: A Hella Long Journal and Review
1: My ridiculously convenient iPad set-up
2: Accessorizing your iPad… for cheap!
eGalleys on iPad: An eBookNewser Video Review
Vook on iPad: An eBookNewser Review and Video
The iPad’s New Role for iTunes: Document Storage and Retrieval
Mario’s impressions of the iPad
Core77 Unboxes the iPad
Early thoughts: The iPad as news curation tool (is it worth it?)
I fell for the iHype
Why iPad
Fancy Ipad Covers
10 Covers For Your New iPad
Full Leather iPad case

HyperPort: Rescue Data from Your HyperCard Stacks Before Upgrading

UI/Web Design:
7 reasons why you can’t sell usability, and what to do about it
See the snaps! Sneak Peak into iPad Newsstand Reveals Some Apps, Some Crapp

1: NY Times’ Ethicist Approves of Illegal Downloading an eBook
2: Ethicist Randy Cohen Angers Readers with Piracy Stance
iBooks naughty word filter doesn’t let you say “sperm”
INTERVIEW: Mark Coker of Smashwords talks about the future of e-publishing
Attack of the Beast People, aka The Social-Animals’ Parade

1: Declan Hughes In The Gutter. Again.
2: Crime Always Pays: A Screwball Noir
The Sweet Quell of Success


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