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Experiment: Add Missing eBook Covers In iTunes

In iTunes ePub eBooks: Cover Display Problems, I showed how the “industry standard” of ePub can screw up eBook covers.

A Comment was left by StarChip, suggesting I could simply copy&paste the missing cover in. Well, that also got me thinking about a dialog box I saw but didn’t try in the beginning.

I’m wondering if this method can actually add missing covers to ePub eBooks.

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iPad Links: Monday, April 5, 2010

As I was reading, I figured I shouldn’t let it go to waste, hence a new Links post.

None of this is helping me to wait wait wait for the 3G iPad.

Apple must read this: iBooks and ePub

Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers

Virtual Goods
The key to progress – Motivation
The Better Adapted You Are, the Less Adaptable You Tend To Be
Your price may be too low, increasing it may spur sales
Over A Half-Million YouTube Video Views Means?
Women’s vs. Men’s English
Joan Castle Joseff dies at 97; led Burbank businesses

“Hi…I’m Scott…and I’m an iPad addict.”
Oh god, it’s Pages Lite! Is it possible to turn on “track changes” and/or to insert comments in pages on iPad?
iWork Pages for the iPad: Good for Casual Writing but Lacks a Few Essential Features
The iPad: A Hella Long Journal and Review
1: My ridiculously convenient iPad set-up
2: Accessorizing your iPad… for cheap!
eGalleys on iPad: An eBookNewser Video Review
Vook on iPad: An eBookNewser Review and Video
The iPad’s New Role for iTunes: Document Storage and Retrieval
Mario’s impressions of the iPad
Core77 Unboxes the iPad
Early thoughts: The iPad as news curation tool (is it worth it?)
I fell for the iHype
Why iPad
Fancy Ipad Covers
10 Covers For Your New iPad
Full Leather iPad case

HyperPort: Rescue Data from Your HyperCard Stacks Before Upgrading

UI/Web Design:
7 reasons why you can’t sell usability, and what to do about it
See the snaps! Sneak Peak into iPad Newsstand Reveals Some Apps, Some Crapp

1: NY Times’ Ethicist Approves of Illegal Downloading an eBook
2: Ethicist Randy Cohen Angers Readers with Piracy Stance
iBooks naughty word filter doesn’t let you say “sperm”
INTERVIEW: Mark Coker of Smashwords talks about the future of e-publishing
Attack of the Beast People, aka The Social-Animals’ Parade

1: Declan Hughes In The Gutter. Again.
2: Crime Always Pays: A Screwball Noir
The Sweet Quell of Success

YMMV (But I Doubt It!)

Warren Ellis Unearths Comics Goodness

His original post is here: I Have Found The Marvel Comic That I Must Bring Back

And oh my god! How I’d love to have a complete run of these as “e-reprints” for my iPad!!

See two covers after the break and see if you can resist these babies!

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iPhone OS 4.0 Musings

1) Hyphenation tables (required for iBooks; this is something that’d be deep in the guts of the code, for devs only, and unlikely to be openly mentioned).

2) App switching — people cite Expose, but I expect a surprise here. Pressing the Home button twice, as rumored, seems tacky. I really think they’d want a software solution for this.

3) Would they also preview a new iTunes? It’s needed for desktop reading of eBooks and for syncing book notes and for syncing Pages revisions (a feature which needs to be added).

4) More syncing options with MobileMe. Users of the abominable Kindle say they’d like to have similar iBooks syncing — that is, read on iPhone on the go, have iPad sync your spot when you get home.

5) What if Apple brought back something like HyperCard? Now wouldn’t that be a nice kick in the face to all the Over-IQed Wingnuts? Something like that could even be used to create digital books! (If Apple did something like this, how fast would we see all the whiners change to whining about how “anyone” could now create things instead of needing them and their expertise?)

Not One Million Sold: 300,000

I was so wrong here: One Million iPads Sold!

The official word from Apple:

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And congratulations to Carl in the Comments who got it first and correctly:

Click = big