The Paranoid Rantings Of Over-IQed Wingnuts

No, I’m not linking to any posts. Some of you think I’m targeting one post in particular, but no. I’ve seen more than one in its vein.

The bizarre argument goes along these lines:

“OMFGZZZ!111 We can’t do Whatever We Want with an iPad! Creativity will be exterminated! Curiosity will be bitch-slapped down! This is a sign of the End Times and we’re all doomed to become drones sucking on the Apple teat!”

Give me a break.

These people should know better. That this is the dribble they spew only adds to my general contempt for some of them.

Society has had three “closed systems” well before the haXXorz came along to give us hackable systems: movies, radio, and television.

We couldn’t hack movies. Hell, we couldn’t even watch them unless we went outside to a theater!

We couldn’t hack radio. Sure, radio began with hacking, but how far did it get before it was codified, standardized, and networked?

We couldn’t hack TV. Sure, you could buy a damned Heathkit, but how is that better than the “LEGO model” someone whined about in one of those doom-saying posts?

Three closed systems.

Did they kill creativity, initiative, or imagination?

Where the hell did — to name a prominent few — Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Rod Serling, Paddy Chayefsky, Dennis Potter, Steven Bochco, and Noah Hawley come from?

The brutal truth is this: Those who wish they could do something, will never do anything. Those who want to do something, those people always find a way.

Stop your public crying for the wishers. Save your sympathies for the doers.

Stop encouraging scum like these.

One response to “The Paranoid Rantings Of Over-IQed Wingnuts

  1. As they used to say and dating myself, “Right on brother!” Creativity always needed to box to punch out of…content needs to push back on form/limits. Apple might try to limit — at times, but it will self correct and eventually embrace our fight with the tools to win.