Sick, Spoiled Losers Smash iPad With Bat!

For all the touchy-feely eejits out there who specialize in faux self-esteemery about how “No one is a loser,” go witness the end-result of your twisted feel-good handiwork in this video. You create monsters!

This is an object that cost at least US$500.00, being disposed of so these never-will-be sub-morons can have “fun.”

These are what losers look like. People who can never create. People who can never produce. These are the tumors of our society.

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, an illegal immigrant is watching this, cringing. He’s been saving his hard-earned money, waiting for the day when he can buy an iPad, so he can get ahead in life.

And when that guy does, and wins in his very difficult life, these losers will cry like the brats they truly are. Scapegoating, instead of seeing they’ve caused their own problems.

Someone needs to turn a bat on them.

Without any mercy.

15 responses to “Sick, Spoiled Losers Smash iPad With Bat!

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  2. Yeah, but notice how hard they had to work at it. LOL

  3. I can’t look again. Even once was too much. Fine parents they all have.

  4. “I just spent at least $500 to prove I’m a smartass jerk. Look at me, look at me.”

    Man. Wow.

  5. We’ll know we’re all doomed if these swine wind up on Kimmel or Letterman.

  6. Disturbing, for sure. It seems to me it’s less costly to simply not buy an iPad than to dispose of one this way. On the bright side, think of all the ads these hellions won’t see.

  7. Millions of iPad owners won’t see those ads, either. C-N, Time, etc, are in for a rude awakening. We don’t need them.

  8. u meen, there’s an app for dat?

  9. Congratulations for making one of the dumbest Comments this blog has had. And I’m letting it through so everyone else can see it.

  10. Well, one of those who will be working hard to save up for an iPad 2.0 and it will help me move forward in my creative life. As for the smashing…During my freshman year my college wanted all the dorms to paint the walls with art. Being an artist, I jumped to the challenge. Many enjoyed my effort. Some was surprised a legally blind dude can paint. A few weeks later, one sunday morning the frat boys had to have fun by blow torching my painting on the lobby wall. It was a painful lesson starting at that black wall. Those who can’t, destroy. Those who can’t understand encourage those who can destroy.

  11. What a waste. It’s hard to imagine a society that has brought us to this level of stupidity.

  12. Didn’t we have this kind of wantonness and excess in the 1920s? The Great Depression wrung it out of people like them. We could use a good Crash just as a disciplinary action!

  13. Andrew Meit

    Well, a few years ago, some really did want just that. They called it a “self-correcting economic event.” But then again, Bonnie/Clyde was during the Great Depression if I recall. Destroyers by definition know no limits of time or space.

  14. >>>Destroyers by definition know no limits of time or space.

    This is sadly true.