How Steve Jobs Saved The World In A Single Picture

Jeff Jarvis is the one who posted that.

It’s what Intel was at one time planning to foist upon everyone as its idea of a net-connected take-along tablet.

Look at that design. Look closely.

That’s a design that accepts What Is. Look at the Quick Buttons at top. Look at that scrollwheel at the right.

And why oh why are these designs seemingly based on a pillow shape?

Look at the PepperPad 3 (where is your arrogance now, woman who shooed me away from your TechXNY booth?):

Are these supposed to double as a neck rest when they expire?

Or how about as a leg wedge?

Really, what’s up with that shape?!

Would you have liked this instead:

That one was from Palm. It was called Audrey. Do you like “iPad” better now?

All of these devices are infested with buttons. Because they were nothing more than adaptations of the existing paradigm. Just as this one from Archos is:

Look at all the crap on the face of that device. It’s being bent out of shape trying to adapt to two existing paradigms: Windows and the Internet!

When I read anti-iPad posts, it’s as if the people writing them have no sense of hardware history … or, really, any fucking clue whatsoever.

It gets embarrassing, watching them bark.

They don’t understand they’re the ones who are always portrayed as the villains in fiction. The Kryptonians who disbelieve the planet will explode. The Pharisees in the story of Jesus. Peter Keating in The Fountainhead.

Hell, when I’m wrong, I kick the shit out of myself.

These other people, they go on to the next thing to prattle about.

Just look around at all the tech abortions that have been dumped into landfills. Maybe some of you are cranky because, left unsaid, you helped create that shit.

And you can’t stand the fact you’re being shown how low your IQ really is.

So, yes, Steve Jobs has saved the world — which looks to really mean, saved us from you.

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