A Never-Ending Parade Of Eejitcy

No, I won’t link to any of these posts.

Although I really should be keeping a list of them, so I can subject every single one of these idiots to merciless — yet deserved! — ridicule later on.

The “criticisms” of the iPad just become more absurd with every post I come across.

One dim bulb complained about all the “tapping” that has to be done. He illustrates it by showing how iBooks is used. Never stopping to think the same exact steps are done when using Sony eLibrary or Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions or MobiPocket on a desktop with a mouse! What the hell is the difference between clicking and tapping? I mean, other than a mouse being an antiquated piece of shit maneuvering device?

Another moron goes on about iTunes. Hello! Are you going to blame Apple for its necessity? It’s there because of DRM. If everything on sale via iTunes/App Store was DRM-free, you’d be able to use any damned syncing software. Except then the same idiot would complain that people were ripping off everything because there was no copying safeguard! (And don’t give me this crap about Apple licensing FairPlay DRM. Are you so blind as to not recall Microsoft’s PlaysForSure — which was really HopeItPlaysOnAnything?)

The more I read all of these brainless, sub-idiotic “criticisms,” the more I come to realize it absolutely isn’t us — it’s them!

They can’t design anything that’s fun to use or easy to use for shit!

If God had used any of these buffoons as a design consultant at the beginning, we’d still have horses with four legs — but two legs would point forward and two legs would point backward.

For multirunning!

An iPad critic with his “better” creation. And it’s our fault if we can’t make it work!


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