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A Never-Ending Parade Of Eejitcy

No, I won’t link to any of these posts.

Although I really should be keeping a list of them, so I can subject every single one of these idiots to merciless — yet deserved! — ridicule later on.

The “criticisms” of the iPad just become more absurd with every post I come across.

One dim bulb complained about all the “tapping” that has to be done. He illustrates it by showing how iBooks is used. Never stopping to think the same exact steps are done when using Sony eLibrary or Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions or MobiPocket on a desktop with a mouse! What the hell is the difference between clicking and tapping? I mean, other than a mouse being an antiquated piece of shit maneuvering device?

Another moron goes on about iTunes. Hello! Are you going to blame Apple for its necessity? It’s there because of DRM. If everything on sale via iTunes/App Store was DRM-free, you’d be able to use any damned syncing software. Except then the same idiot would complain that people were ripping off everything because there was no copying safeguard! (And don’t give me this crap about Apple licensing FairPlay DRM. Are you so blind as to not recall Microsoft’s PlaysForSure — which was really HopeItPlaysOnAnything?)

The more I read all of these brainless, sub-idiotic “criticisms,” the more I come to realize it absolutely isn’t us — it’s them!

They can’t design anything that’s fun to use or easy to use for shit!

If God had used any of these buffoons as a design consultant at the beginning, we’d still have horses with four legs — but two legs would point forward and two legs would point backward.

For multirunning!

An iPad critic with his “better” creation. And it’s our fault if we can’t make it work!

OK … One Less Test For Me To Do

Yeah, I was planning on pounding iBooks in that way too.

Jane beat me to it!

iPad Links: Sunday, April 4, 2010

I decided to collect some links together today. This is not to say this kind of post is coming back. It will depend on my mood. My mood today was to collect some links. It distracts me from the Pain of No iPad.

Bah! Who am I kidding? Hurry up, 3G!!!

James Kendrick: Thoughts on the iPad — Day One
Apple must read this: 10 Hours with the iPad: Why the iPad Is Not a Kindle Killer
— Romance readers understand the importance of genre categories more than all other readers!


New Hampshire man is victim of first recorded iPad theft
iPad Registry pList
Funky Space Monkey
Grace App – iTouch, iPhone and therefore iPad
Keynote on IPad is practically useless and an insult
Access PC or Mac on iPad: LogMeIn Ignition — Free Upgrade for the iPad
iPad Too? installing a .deb file on an iPhone
iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps
Smashwords Ebooks – iPad Ebook Publishing Made Easy
— and as soon as Mark Coker gets the damned ability for me to share a view of my Library with others, I’ll be able to tell people what’s worth looking at to actually buy!

UI/Web Design:
Design is a Side Effect
HTML Slidy: Slide Shows in XHTML
I stole this from someone else’s site:

“Art is not fashionable. That’s why fashion and art are two different things. Fashion can never be art because fashion deals with whim, what is temporary, what changes, what is transient, what is now and not now. Art has to deal with issues that are timeless, that never change.”
— Duane Michals

It’s only books ’n’ shelves but I like it
On Fiction
The ebook tsunami – how will publishing survive?

HyperCard Stacks
HyperCard Stacks and Scripts
Rescue your old HyperCard stacks with HyperPort
TileStack: HyperCard comes back from the dead and onto the Web
Charles Kelly’s Hypercard Stacks
Welcome To HyperCard Complete
DIFfersifier (HyperCard converter)
Converting a HyperCard stack to Revolution
Freebie HyperCard Stacks
HyperCard stuff
IHUG: HyperCard Around The World
Conversion from HyperCard, SuperCard, or OMO
HyperCard Forgotten, but Not Gone
1: tilestack
2: Why on earth would you resurrect HyperCard?
3: “iPhone – Create stacks that look and feel just like native iPhone apps.”

How The iPad Empowers

Really, just STFU already.

Now the eejits are on about how the iPad doesn’t “empower” people.

Some people should not be allowed to comment on “empowerment” vis-a-vis the iPad unless they’ve lived in the pre-Internet, pre-desktop computer era.

I have. And I’m here to tell you about it.

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How Steve Jobs Saved The World In A Single Picture

Jeff Jarvis is the one who posted that.

It’s what Intel was at one time planning to foist upon everyone as its idea of a net-connected take-along tablet.

Look at that design. Look closely.

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The Paranoid Rantings Of Over-IQed Wingnuts

No, I’m not linking to any posts. Some of you think I’m targeting one post in particular, but no. I’ve seen more than one in its vein.

The bizarre argument goes along these lines:

“OMFGZZZ!111 We can’t do Whatever We Want with an iPad! Creativity will be exterminated! Curiosity will be bitch-slapped down! This is a sign of the End Times and we’re all doomed to become drones sucking on the Apple teat!”

Give me a break.

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Sick, Spoiled Losers Smash iPad With Bat!

For all the touchy-feely eejits out there who specialize in faux self-esteemery about how “No one is a loser,” go witness the end-result of your twisted feel-good handiwork in this video. You create monsters!

This is an object that cost at least US$500.00, being disposed of so these never-will-be sub-morons can have “fun.”

These are what losers look like. People who can never create. People who can never produce. These are the tumors of our society.

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, an illegal immigrant is watching this, cringing. He’s been saving his hard-earned money, waiting for the day when he can buy an iPad, so he can get ahead in life.

And when that guy does, and wins in his very difficult life, these losers will cry like the brats they truly are. Scapegoating, instead of seeing they’ve caused their own problems.

Someone needs to turn a bat on them.

Without any mercy.