My No iPad Consolation Prize

Really, I’m like biting at my flesh and ripping my skin, thinking about the iPad and having to wait for the 3G model.

Life is cruel.

So this consolation prize had better be damned good.

Oh my god what tasteless eejit approved that new theme music?


3 responses to “My No iPad Consolation Prize

  1. Matt Smith – Nah… it’s Famous Five, a comedy, with a private schoolboy in the lead role. Bring back the gritty (and under-privileged) Eccleston and have Captain Jack as the doctor’s assistant… and get Madonna in for the theme. Plus maybe bring back Catherine Tate as secondary assistant, also the doctor’s daughter would be good, “bad news” girl.

    As it is, we’ve got tots’ TV…

  2. Anyone who wants to know what I thought of it can go look up my tweets. If I put any spoilers in here I’ll have the hellhounds after me.

  3. Mike, I understand. Hang in there. We will get our tools in due time. And thanks for all the hard work.