Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

What The iPad Really Is

Attention KMart Stalkers!

There’s a site where the denizens like to keep files on me. They now doubt that I ever intended to buy an iPad today and that I never even Reserved one.

Email proof after the break.

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My No iPad Consolation Prize

Really, I’m like biting at my flesh and ripping my skin, thinking about the iPad and having to wait for the 3G model.

Life is cruel.

So this consolation prize had better be damned good.

Oh my god what tasteless eejit approved that new theme music?

The Pain Of No iPad

See last night’s post: My iPad Decision

I went over to the Apple Store in SOHO. All told, maybe 1,000 people went it to buy the iPad in the two hours it took me to wait to fondle one. I wouldn’t get on the line with the purchasers until the line was small. I didn’t want all those Apple employees applauding me. I would have felt like a fraud because I wasn’t there to buy.

I think I had maybe ten minutes on it. I didn’t have any goal other than to try YouTube and iBooks. I should have had an agenda, because in the hours since the fondle, my head is filled with questions.

I sent myself screensnaps. See them after the break.

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