My iPad Decision

WiFi or WiFi and 3G?

This is what it comes down to for me.

And today I had an event happen that made me see the right decision to make.

I have to wait for the 3G model.

Today I had a several-hour wait somewhere. If I had had an iPad, it would have been little better than a Palm PDA — because there was no WiFi to be had.

Contrary to the propellerheads who live in areas where WiFi is allegedly pervasive, I live in the real world, where it is damned well not.

And I’ve been down this Road To Hell with a WiFi-only device before: the Nokia 770 Anti-Internet Tablet.

I wish Apple had been able to wait and release both models simultaneously. But I suppose there are people out there who will be satisfied with a WiFi-only model.

But I know that I just can not be.

In the real world, with that damned 770, I’d go to where there were free public WiFi spots, ready to do some work — only to find the hotspot was down. And when those babies go down, you never, ever know when they will come back up. One went down for an entire week — I know this because I went there every day for that entire week!

And no, I cannot see spending money twice — once for WiFi-only and then again for WiFi/3G. I don’t go around spending money like that. I’m the original cheap SOB. Because I’ve had the value of money pounded into me over the years. (And don’t say I could eBay the WiFi model. You can go through that grief!)

Eh. Hey, there were people out there who didn’t buy the original iPhone 1.0 because they absolutely had to have 3G in their life.

And that’s what it’s now come down to for me too: I need the 3G.

The first day the iPad was up for ordering, I did go and reserve a WiFi-only model. So, at one Apple Store tomorrow, there’s going to be one Reserved unit that will free up after 3PM EST. If you want WiFi-only with 64GBs of storage, go to the Apple Store in SOHO and wait it out. Hell, you can show them this post, if need be! (Just don’t try to tell them you are me or I will find you and hurt you!)

So, while everyone else will be having fun fun fun with their new iPad, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines, waiting for my turn.

It doesn’t matter to me that others will have an iPad before me.

Because I don’t think anybody else is going to put it through the hell I have planned for it.

But if turns out they do, then I can just close this blog and get on with my life. That would be a Win too.

7 responses to “My iPad Decision

  1. Wifi for my wife. (I and our kids will demand equal access.) I think I will then get a 3G if available in Montana.

  2. Good decision. I’d wait for the 3G model myself.

  3. AGREED! totally wait. There might be a USB port in the next model as well. We shall see…

  4. Sigh, I have to wait a long time. I was burned too many times waiting for updates/upgrades for features promised by Apple in the past (or features to over come my visual limitations). So now, only if all the features are in place and polished do I get it.
    I waited 25 years for dynabook, I can wait at least half a year for iPad 1.5/2.0. I want to wield a full tool, not an unfinished one. My time will come. Hell, the iMac am using now, the 21.5 model, finally allows me to get rid of my 2o yr. old CRT! Allan Kay planted a vision in Steve, Steve will fulfill Kay. Soon…but I can wait.

  5. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a wifi iPad and jailbreaking my iPhone to use tethering. On the other hand, if I get the 3G iPad, I van get rid of the iPhone and get a cheap phone.

  6. Andrew Meit

    Just finished reading the ipad user guide. Its just not a full bodied guide. Lots still missing. As for accessibility, Apple thinks Voiceover and zoom solves my problems. NOT. No mention of setting font sizes in notes, mail, or safari. I can set mim font size only in mail to read, not for composing. Setting font size was Mac apps 1.0 25 yrs. ago! I guess they want to do the least gui changes for font support. Shame on Apple. For my blind friends, yep they will enjoy voiceover a lot. Mono support is nice since I am deaf in one ear. Looks like I am just going to have to wait and complain loudly. Doesn’t Apple not get the aging baby boomers?!

  7. Andrew Meit

    Good news sorta after talking with a senior Apple rep. By buying and using Pages, you can set the font size and compose. Then copy/paste into Notes/Mail. Seeesh. As for bookmarks, you can set the hilight color and go next/prev colored bookmark! Nice for a scholar parsing a book. As for zoom, you can use a gentle pinch to adjust zoom slightly. Good! More later…