iTunes ePub eBooks: More Cover Tests

This is a follow-up to: iTunes ePub eBooks: Cover Display Problems

Continuing to test the compatibility of so-called “industry-standard” ePub eBooks with iTunes.

These are the kind of tests I expected to run on an iPad itself. So all of this stuff is ahead of what I had expected.

I downloaded six more ePub eBooks.

Results after the break.

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Top row:
Yellow: Dracula’s Guest –

Middle Row:
Green: Feedbooks custom test (this book is not online yet)
Purple: Mother of Demons – Baen Free Library

Bottom Row:
Blue: Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution – The Plough**
Grey: The Secret of the Silver Car – ManyBooks
Tan: Skyrider – Mobileread Forum ePubs

So, of five books that people can get right now, two had their covers not display in iTunes.

What’s surprising is that the cover from Baen Books did not display.

As for Feedbooks, I’ve been informed that their covers will be fixed over the next few weeks days. Since Feedbooks is free and can be redownloaded at any time, I consider Feedbooks to now be fixed.

The others will have to wait for Apple to fix iTunes — and possibly iBooks too — or do some changes on their side.

** This link goes to a page for a book about Jesus, but apparently the ePub download link results in a book by Kierkegaard!

One response to “iTunes ePub eBooks: More Cover Tests

  1. Oy! Now I am mad. I have a strong QA background and I would have done similar tests. Again, it shows careless/sloppy testing. Ok, by end of April a few updates need to be in place by Apple; otherwise to make the users wait months is not acceptable. How sad. Thank you for the testing Mike.