Transclusion/TransCopyright Experiment 2

Transcopyright: Pre-Permission for Virtual Republishing

The standard question has been, “How do we prevent infringement?” If we re-frame the question as “How can we allow re-use?”, the solution may be simpler and more powerful than everyone thinks, with benefits for everyone.

Theodor (Ted) Nelson is the only person to approach networked machines from the viewpoint of their content.

His book, Literary Machines, was like an explosion in my brain when I read it back in the early 1980s.

His ideas still remain ahead of everyone. And with the iPad coming up, those ideas will become even more vital. Nelson’s ideas should not remain fallow, unused, ignored.

If there are any Copyright/IP specialists out there, read Nelson’s works. You can help shape the future for the better.

(I know I’m not doing the TransCopyright thing correctly here, because there is no Permission Page/Link for the above quote. But I was interested to see if I could play with the HTML and use the Trans© graphic to link back to the original without using its title for that.)

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