Revealed: The Free Books In The iBooks Tour

That screensnap is from the iBooks Guided Tour video up at Apple.

What’s interesting is the list of Top Free Books to the right. All but one are recent titles.

Here’s the list:

Click = big

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [public domain]
Beautiful Creatures
Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0
Heat Wave
How to Organize Just About Everything
Always Looking Up
The Measure of a Man
I, Sniper

Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0 is from Macmillan. The very same Macmillan that got into a pitched battle with Amazon a few weeks back. The same Macmillan whose CEO, John Sargent, said this:

There’s gonna come a point in time where I give it away for free and my sales don’t go up and then there’s gonna be a point in time when I give it away for free and I ain’t selling shit anymore.

So after that fight with Amazon, after kvetching about giving things away, he’ll put a big title up on the iBookstore for free?

4 responses to “Revealed: The Free Books In The iBooks Tour

  1. Doh!, I already bought “Hot, flat…” on my iPhone kindle reader…..

  2. Don’t regret so fast! We don’t know if those Free Books are for real. They could be mockup placeholders. And maybe Macmillan got on the phone to Apple to tell them to remove that one. Anything can happen. Just a few days left to find out what’s real.

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